Aftermarket subwoofer on Shaker 500

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  1. Has anyone added an aftermarket sub/amp to a Shaker 500 system?The Shaker 1000 was a real disappointment, so I got the 500, figuring an aftermarket sub would be a good bet.[/COLOR]
  2. yes I added a set of 10"subs and a amp I had laying around. was very happy with the way it turned out.
  3. I also have installed a sub & amp that I had laying around to my Shaker 500. I'm ordering a new 10" sub and building a new box for it, to better fit into one corner of the trunk. The box I have right now is a monster and eating up way too much of the trunk, but it sounds good.
  4. Were there any special adapters required to get a "pre amp" signal? I have an extra Audiobahn AW1006t sub that I will use. I have that same sub in my 88 coupe in a really small sealed box with an Audiobahn 800 watt mono amp and it pounds hard. Might try a simlar setup in the '06
  5. Why did this thread die here?

    How did you guys get em hooked up?
  6. Yeah, why'd it die? I wanna add an in-line amplifier between my Shaker 500 and a new pair of rear deck speakers I got to replace the factory rear 6x8's. I'm wondering if that will damage anything?
  7. i also have two 10's (kicker CVRs) that i had in my f150.. and plan on trowin them in the trunk.. but am conscerned about room..

    but my main question is does the shaker 500 have RCA hook up? if not.. no biggy.. i will jsut run the converter i ran on my 150..

  8. No,there are no RCA's on a stock head unit,you must use the hi/lo
  9. Sort of. The pre-amp level connection is there, it just doesn't have RCA jacks on it.
  10. Hope this thread isnt dead.
    Currently i am wanting to do the same thing.
    I am currently looking at putting a solo L7 in a fiberglass box similar to the JL stealth box or the scorche box (sp?). It will go in the passenge side.

    So i am guessing i am going to need a inverter to get the RCA signal - which doesnt seem to be a problem (i know the quality of the signal isnt the best - but until i upgrade the HU this should get me by right?)

    But the problem i am having in this pre-design phase is the remote. How are you guys wiring this? Better question - what are you wiring this too?

    I am thinking i will need to instal some sort of toggle switch (possibly create a Fiberglass pod that will fit in the cup holder - not sure). I would rather not have a switch but what are my options...

    thanks for the input!
  11. you can wire the remote to anything that comes on with the ignition. the remote wire creates no load and can safely be connected virtually anywhere. my question is, does ford still use the same floating ground setup that they used to use in the sn95's? i remember it being a royal pain to change out the speakers and headunit in my 94 gt.
  12. Easiest way is to use line level converters or an amp that will take a speaker level input. Tap the wires for the rear speakers and send the signal to the amp. The new Mustangs do not use a floating ground. The Shaker 500 amp only powers the door subs. The other speakers are powered by the head unit. As was stated before, you can use any ignition source for the remote turn-on. There is an empty fuse slot in the fuse box that you could tap or you could wire into the radio harness. Do a search. Many people have posted wiring diagrams for the Shaker 500.

    Hope this helps.
  13. Headunit seems to be easy enough. (Easier then past installs)
    Speakers - not sure. I replaced the 5x7's in the 2000 stang - and it wassnt too bad.

    I am not sure what you meant by floating ground setup - but i dont think it woujld be too difficult to swap out speakers in this car (granted i have not attempted this - but from everything i have read it doesnt seem too bad)

    I have never tapped into a fuse box - how difficult is this? i dont just want to wrap some power wire around a fuse and stick it in - i want it done right. Difficult? (wrapping the wire around a fuse is something i read somewhere)

    I have also learned (not confirmed) for all 2005 and up models, on the passanger side fuse box - fuse position 5 becomes live with turn of ignition (perfect).

    You can download your manual and i think on page 177 you can look at the fuse box layout. (Its labeled and everything)