Again Electrical Problems

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  1. So here goes, i have a 95 cobra 2.1 KB, car has 97993 miles on it, the other day i was driving the car, pulled into the parking lot, stopped got out went in to grad a pack of smokes. came back out tried to crank the car and noticed the starter was lagging a bit, thought well maybe the battery is a little weak, so i drove it around and the voltage was normal! parked the car went in for the night, came out the next morning and tried to crank the car and all i heard was clicking, like the solenoid was going bad, but she finally turned over and i continued about my day. well the problem started getting worse and eventually the car would not crank, checked the battery 12.48 volts pulling 5.6 amps ( optima yellow top), i went back and forth so i finally replaced the starter, and it started burning up the battery ground form the neg to the chassis, so i went from a 10 gauge to 6 gauge, and she turned over on the first hit, wouldnt stay cranked so i checked the timing, it was advanced 6 degrees, backed it down and she ran fine. The next day went out and nothing, the battery was dead, pulling 30 mAmps, so i went and grabbed the battery from my 03 cobra which was around 12.88 v, still the clicking, so today i went our pulled the starter, redone the ground and when i went to crank it it sounded like something along the line of electrical pulses around the coil and distributor, but only 2 clicks on the solenoid! so i gave up trying to chase wires and decided to seek help...... can anyone help me? is it a short to ground, if so where are the most common areas??? i might also add i pulled the ignition switch and the alternator and the starter and checked short to ground and the pos cable was pulsing on the test light?? please if anyone has a solution or just a gerneral guide to what i need to do and where i need to look i would appreciate it very much. thank you for your time!! clutch switch??? i need some feedback
  2. It really sounds like a loose cable to me. Are there any cables getting hot? Crank the car then start grabbing cables. We just ran into a problem similar to this the other day on my wife's Toyota. There was a 4 gauge cable going to the fuse box that had a loose connection. I tested the battery, cleaned and re-tightened the terminals, and checked all the grounds before finding the problem. When she cranked the starter it wouldn't do anything and the positive cable was getting really hot. It was tight and had good connection. But the smaller 4 gauge cable had a bad connection that I didn't see at first.

    I know this might not be the same problem you are having. But have you checked all the cables going to the solenoid? Have you tried bypassing the solenoid to see if the solenoid is bad?
  3. I would check your engine ground and the rest of your cables. It also wouldn't be a bad idea to bench test your battery and alternator since any autoparts store will do it for free.

  4. brand new starter and solenoid, new battery to engine ground cable, and a new battery fresh out of my termi, same problem
  5. Anyone know if I got a new MSD 6al digital ignition do I still need to leave the original ignition controller plugged in because it has about 8
    more wires then the MSDS