Against the Law?

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  1. Is it true that a new vehicle warranty is voided after installing any aftermarket product like a KB supercharger? I read in the KB website (under FAQ's section) that it is against Federal Law for a Dealer to refuse a warranty claim because an aftermarket product has been installed on your vehicle. They say that if a warranty is denied, one should contact the Federal Trade Commission to file a claim. To what extent is this true?
  2. They can only void the warranty on the part that has been changed. i.e. You've changed the intake with the KB. Obviously, the stock intake is not in there, and they don't offer the KB intake, so the warranty on the intake is voided. Same with aftermarket shifters and all. In addition, if the aftermarket part is directly responsible for the failure of a covered part, the warranty is once again, voided. i.e. The supercharger is producing more boost and creating more compression than the stock head gaskets are rated at, therefore, the warranty is voided on that.
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  4. It all boils down to how well you're in with your dealership. I'm pretty lucky here.....all the guys involved in any warranty claim have modded stangs or trucks themselves. They look the other way alot.
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    They can't deny a warranty claim on your radio because you put a blower on. Don't expect them to honor your warranty on the drivetrain with a blower though.
  6. It is true that it isn't legal for them to refuse a warranty claim unless they can prove that the modification caused (or contributed to the failure). It is also true that Ford routinely voids the warranty for any vehicle they find modified. They normally won't void your warranty if you take it in to get the AC fixed if your only mods are an aftermarket shifter and catback, but if you take it in for transmission service with an aftermarket shifter you can practically bank on it. Also, with a supercharger on your car there is virtually nothing that they can't claim was more prone to fail because of the supercharger. If you are an attorney, or have one that will work for free, you could take them on, but you would probably end up strengthening their position. With a supercharger you are far more likely to have a piston or connecting rod failure, transmission failure, etc. Also, because you will have to tamper with the engine control system (PCM) to use your supercharger, Ford can claim that you are responsible for any of these failures. Good luck... :nice: