Age check.

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  1. If you drive a '197 what's your age?

    i live in a very small area and ive noticed more older guys drivin these things, and from a lot of the posts on other forums it seems to be a trend nationwide... :shrug:

    I'm 24 btw..
  2. 26, wife is 24. On our second S197.
  3. 24, had the car a little over a year.
  4. 24..had it for a year.
  5. Heh, one of these threads comes along every few months.

    I've noticed the same thing in my area. Most S197s are driven by middle aged men.

    I'm 23, the youngest so far! :D
  6. i'm 24...which seems to be the number so far :D
  7. OK then, I might as well switch the 2 and the 4 for you guys. I'm 42.
  8. I am 78, repeat 78! What do I win?
  9. Well, I don't feel so bad now.
    I'm only 48.:lol:
  10. 56 here, will be 57 next month. My 07 GT Allow Vert is my "Midlife Crisis" car.

  11. AGE

    62, will be 63 in December. I refuse to grow up. :nonono:
  12. 46 now but my midlife crisis started at 43. :)
  13. 57, but it is just a number.
  14. i've got you beat. i definitely have to be the youngest.
  15. You win the oldest recorded person driving an S197 Mustang award :D

    I think you forgot to say how old you are? :shrug:
  16. I'm 57 but I've owned, wrenched on and driven Mustangs CONTINUOUSLY since I was a teenager! How many of you can say that?

    BTW, after all the Mustangs I've had the pleasure to own, drive and work on; the S197 GT is the absolute best of them all :nice:

  17. You're not lieing. IF ford would have put an Old school 5.0 on these cars these would be the most upgrade/mod/user friendly cars in the world.
  18. 23. Bought my first mustang when I was 15.