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  1. I'll be 52 in Nov (hopefully). First car at 16 was a 66 Mustang 289 4bbl dual exhaust, automatic. Kept that car through HS & college, but it just fell apart after that. All I have left is pictures and the hood scoop hanging on the wall of my garage. Wife and I waited until our first son out of college, 2nd son nearly out and we got the car we've wanted for 25 years. She always wanted a car with a blower, now we have one. The S197 is just perfect.
  2. Same here. 21 in March.
  3. I’m 63 and my first car was a 49 Ford coupe that had a flathead V8 with Offenhauser heads, 4 Stromberg 97 carbs and a 3 speed with overdrive. God I wish I still had that car it would be worth a fortune now.

  4. 41...I guess this is my mid-life crisis car! :rolleyes:

    I'm surprised to see anyone under 25 driving one of these cars...have the insurance premiums changed since I was a 'youngster'? My first Mustang was a '65 fastback that I drove for years until I bought a used (but low mile under warranty) 90 GT. I remember how exciting it was to turn 25 because I could actually afford insurance on the damned thing!! Before 25 hit (even w/ a perfect driving record) insurance would have cost as much as the car payment.

    After driving the 90 GT for a few years I bought a nearly-new (2.5K miles on the odometer) 95 Cobra to reward myself for making it through school and finally getting a decent job.

    What happened next, I think, would explain why I'm not seeing many 30 somethings on this forum...I got married, bought a house, and for a short time we had two Mustangs in the driveway (my 95 Cobra and my wife's 95 V6 Convertible). Then the stork arrived and I discovered what a PITA (impossible) it is to fit a forward facing car seat in the back of a Mustang. I had a brief journey into Hell owning a front-wheel-drive V6 300M followed by another (but MUCH better) 4 door V6 sedan the Cadillac CTS. Traded that CTS for another which got me by until now.

    Now the kids are in forward facing boosters and easier to get in and out of the car so I saw an opportunity to go back to my Mustang 2-door RWD V8 roots w/ the purchase of a new 08' GT... :nice: If only it had a reverse gear for the aging process! Maybe they'll come out with that feature on the 2010s!
  5. 29 years old. 2nd mustang my SN 95 I had whn I was early 20s. Before that a thunderbird and firebirds before that.
  6. I am sure it helps you....a lot.
  7. I'm 23 and I bought the car when I was 21, although I had been doing my homework since I was 14. Did I mention I have the title? :D

    The ones that got away:
    2004 Mystichrome vert
    1969 Mach I 351 Cleveland
    1994 GT vert

    The one that didn't:
    2006 GT

    The ones I want to add to my collection realistically:
    1990 7-up car
    1985.5 SVO
    1994 Cobra vert Indy Pace car
  8. 37 here 2nd mustang first was a 01 mustang gt
  9. Got the car when I was 23 I'm at 26 now

  10. And im in the AF aswell, even smaller world. :nice:
  11. I purchased my 2000 brand new, 100% cash (that I earned on my own... no mommy/daddy handouts) at 15) :nice:

    This one I'm making payments on, although I was still able to put a sizeable downpayment on it. I'm 23 now for those who missed it earlier...
  12. I'm almost 23. This is my first Mustang. My brotehr used to have one when I was in high school, 99 GT, so I did a lot of working on and driving that. Then got into Mopars. Now I have a Mustang. And it is mine, I pay for it and everything lol.
  13. 53. Didn't have money when I was young and then needed a family car. Now I get to drive a Stang. :banana:
  14. old enough to know better. (but i dont :D )
  15. :rolleyes:
  16. I just turned 49 earlier this month - on my 4th Stang now.
    First was a '69 Coupe I bought at 18, then a '90 LX, followed by a '03 GT which was traded in on my '08 GT. I definitely like the S197 the best!:D
  17. 38 going on 39 in a few weeks..