Age check.

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  1. I never know from day to day.
  2. The birth certificate/license whatever may say I'm 23, but I definitely never had this much fun as a kid. :D As far as I'm concerned, it's like I'm 8 cause when I'm in that car, everything else just goes away.
  3. Now I don't feel as bad.......50....something. Mid life CRISIS???????? What that?
    Never had one...........:shrug: :rlaugh:
  4. I'll be 34 on the 13th...
  5. I bought my first Mustang at age 16 in 1976. A '66 coupe. I have bought and sold over 200 since then ending with the '07 I currently own now at 48. In the '80s I made a living off the '67-'70 stangs everyone had lying around their yards cheap that I fixed up and resold. I think the s197s are the best yet but I also think the best might be still to come.
    To all you 20-somethings owning one I say hat's off to you! :hail2
    I could never afford new at that age plus the insurance.
    To people who say mid-life crisis I say "No, lack of having a cool car is a crisis! Lifes to short to drive a boring car!:D"
  6. Just turned 20 in september. Purchased car back in april.
  7. 54 and 1/2 . 06/gt/vert red on red gms intake 18polish rims flow axel backs mirror inserts shorty ant. gt mats pedal covers tower brace
  8. I am 23 I alternate payments with my dad, he just turned 57 My truck is where all of my money goes though.
  9. I'm 35 (36 in december) and still bang the gears in the cars in my sig.... your only as old as you act so I still bang the gears in both my stangs.... I love spanking unsuspecting teens with my 91... no offense to you young stangers.... its those young rice heads that I like to fry!!

    My fiance (41 turning 42 in december.... weird since hers is two days after mine, but easy to remember LOL) has a 2000 GT vert.... wouldnt let her park her Jeep in my driveway so she upgraded her 2003 Jeep to the Stang!!
  10. just turned 31 and this is my 3rd mustang. First car was a 64 Fairlane sports coupe at 16. 2nd was an 88 GT at 23. 3rd was a 99 35th LE at 25 and the 4th was an 07 gt at 30.
  11. Got my very 1st Mustang GT a month ago. I'm 38 years old. I'm loving life with it!

    One thing though, now my wife wants to drive it.:jaw:
  12. 35, in and out of cars like they are favorite flavors of ice cream. This stang will be kept forever most likely.
  13. 37 for me...:(
  14. 23 here... owned the car for a year now:D
  15. Turned 21 in May, had my Mustang Since I got her with 13 miles about 3 months ago. She now has 1,100.
  16. 57...I drive it on the street only, maybe 15 miles a week.

    The race driver, Lance, is mid 30s, and applying for his NHRA race license. My reflexes are a little too slow, my eyesight a little too poor, to pass the physical. Besides that, I don't have the skills to drive this car into the

  17. B U S T E D !