Age check.

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  1. Age: 56

    Past Mustangs - 1966 GT Coupe (in high school)
    1987 GT Hatchback
    1993 Sport Coupe
    1997 SVT Cobra
    Fell off the wagon in 2004 and went to a truck, 2002 SVT Lightning...

    and am now the proud owner of a 2008 Black Bullitt...#3164 and love it!!

    Age is a mental illness....
  2. 35 - 07 GT Performance White, CDC Shaker, Cervini's B2 chin spoiler, Ford Racing hood pins. I always wanted a mustang. It just took 17 years to get it!:eek:
  3. bought my GT brand new when i was 20! :D

    and damn did it feel good!

    almost 22 now...
  4. Age: 50

    Current Stang: 2005 Torch Red GT

    Previous Stangs: 1993 S.V.T Cobra
    1992 Black GT
    1990 Torch Red GT
    1978 Mustang II/King Cobra
    1982 Mercury Capri 5.0
  5. Age: 22

    Current stang: 2005 Mustang GT

    Previous stangs: 2004 Mustang GT
  6. 22. Bought the car brand new when I was 21. I'm glad there are a few people my age that haven't been drawn into the import cars and decided on American muscle instead.:flag: