Agent 47 Retro Race Mirrors Write-Up

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  1. Agent 47 mirror install

    Just got done installing them this afternoon and I must say it was a fairly easy swap with an awesome look:D Took me about 1.5 hours including cutting time and pic taking. Spent several minutes while trying to get the factory glass off not wanting to break it.

    Remove the plastic trim piece covering the wires/hardware for both driver and passenger side mirror. They just pull straight off. I found it worked by getting a hold of the top most corner and gently pull. The top will pop loose enabling you to use both hands and pull straight out. Be careful on the driver side as the wires for the adjuster aren't very long. Driver side has two connections(one for adjuster knob and one for the mirror motor) while the passenger side has one connection(mirror motor).

    Passenger side

    Backside of passenger side trim piece

    Next step is use 7/16" wrench to remove the three retaining nuts for each mirror(careful upon removal of the nut as the door panel is open just below-drop one and off the door panel comes:( )

    Remove the three studs from the factory mirror along with the foam pad and install on the new mirror housing.

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    Gently, yet firmly tug on the factory glass to remove it from the motor. I found it easiest by tilting the bottom of the glass out and pulling along those two corners. I've never done this before, so I was worried about breaking something...however, both sides came out fine:nice:

    Now that you have the mirror motor exposed, there are three Torx screw holding the motor in place. After removing those, pull the motor up and there is a wire connector on the back side. '06 has a weird shaped connector(not sure what other years have)that has a clip on each side.

    Next came the step that was not in the instructions and I did not feel comfortable tugging on the wiring harness connector to pull the rubber grommet through.

    On the factory mirror there are two plastic rivots that I used a Dremel and cut them down so I could remove the "arm" from inside the factory mirror housing. There is also a small Torx screw holding the "arm" in place. Now all you have to do is twist and turn until the "arm" slides out. Now it is nice and easy to get the wire harness off. Working from the backside of the harness, I was able to push the grommet through and thread the harness out. Careful of the prongs on the connector as you pass it through the semi small hole.


    Thread the harness through the new mirror and connect to the motor. Reinstall the motor using the factory screws in the housing.

    Place the mirror back on the car and reinstall the three retaining nuts and wire connectors. Test the connections to make sure the motors work before placing the trim pieces back on(possibly to save a few seconds and hassle). Motors work and now can place the trim pieces back on by aligning the alingment pins with the holes and gently push straight in.

    Now you take the glass and install it on the motor assembly. (Once again, I've never done this, so I had no idea how easy/hard it was) The piece of glass that has "Objects may be closer than they appear" goes on the passenger side. There is a "notch" in the plastic on the backside of the glass that runs nearly the full width. That part goes at the bottom. Place the glass against the motor and gently, yet firmly press until you hear some clicks/pops. That should be it! You are now ready to enjoy your new look:nice:

    Backside of factory glass

    These mirrors are quite a bit smaller than the factory ones.
    View attachment 334809

    Updated/better pics

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  2. Looks great man. It's a lot better than the stock huge truck looking side mirrors. Nice write up too:nice:
  3. Sweet. How did you take the glass out in the old mirror? Also, can we get some pic's of them from further away and say from the front? Looks like I may do this over the summerl.
  4. Yeah but I like how much I can see with the stock mirrors. The mod I wanted to do when I had my Stang with some color was to get the body color matching half caps. They set off the mirrors really nice.

    I hate those tiny arse mirrors from Agent. They are just like the tiny arse mirrors in my '90 5.0, heh. I can't see ANYTHING in those.
  5. How is the visibility out of the mirrors?
  6. Visibility is surprising good...I think they really make a difference in the look of the car.

    Oh ya, nice little writeup Kool.


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  7. Nice Heavy GT:nice: How much did it cost to paint the side mirrors?
  8. I have a friend in the business who only charged me $60....he told me he would charge $100.00 normally.
  9. 0124081643B.jpg

    I will take some better pics this afternoon and post later tonight of the mirrors. Also the backside of the factory glass to show how they connect. Wish now I took some of the motor:(

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  10. It is decent, but nothing like the truck-like stockers(I quickly realized just how big they were once they were side by side:eek: ). Of course it did have me moving my head a bit more today driving it for the first time, but it will become second nature soon enough. I don't at all see where it would be unsafe as other cars have similar sized mirrors:shrug: Just that we get used to what's there from the start. I still haven't gotten used to looking out the back window and knowing what all is there after swapping the spoilers and that has been about 6 months. I feel the look that is achieved by these mirrors far outweighs the smaller field of view.
  11. Well that's not going to happen as I'm here in Cali:(
  12. Thanks for the comparison pics! I was wondering how different they were. Edit: I like the finish as well.


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  13. nice write up kool! ill copy the first post to the write up thread.
  14. Thanks for the write up Kool. I have these mirrors still in the box at the house. Plan on doing the install in 3 weeks or so. Just been too lazy to knock it out.
  15. Thanks big:nice:
    I went back and edited the first post with updated pics.
  16. It's really quite easy and will give you yet even more reason to stand and :drool: looking at your car:rlaugh:
  17. much are they quoting you to have them painted?
  18. Nice mirrors and write-up.

    Vision to the rear should be the same since you are reusing the mirror, just the housing is smaller. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  19. I've heard $200 plus. I'm still looking around through to see if I can find somewhere that does it in the $100 range at least and that is reputable.
  20. You are not reusing the same get new mirrors...the only thing you reuse is the electric motors out of the stock ones, the factory rubber foam and the through door retaining bolts/nuts which you need to reattach with 5 minute epoxy.