Agent 47 Retro Race Mirrors Write-Up

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  1. Thanks, David:nice: After I did this, it was mentioned that you can fish the wiring out of the intact OEM mirror housing. Let me know when you pull the trigger, I can help with the install if need be:nice:
  2. hey guys, i've been busy today putting these new mirrors on - i'm quite stoked :D. But I ran into a snag - I got the passenger side on pretty well but when I started on the drivers side and tried to pull the mirror out of the stock housing, I ended up tearing the motor into 2 pieces! I know, I know, every walk-through says 'firm but gentle' and I didn't pull any harder than the passenger side but the mirrors came off with the front/face of the motor still snapped/connected to the back of the mirror. I can see that the part of the motor face that's actuated by the electrical motor is torn off and seems beyond repair. I was able to shove the face of the motor back onto the main motor body and adjust the mirror manually since I was able to get the threaded plastic studs (connected to the face of the motor) back into their proper holes on the main body of the motor (this seems to be what allows you to manally 'snap' your motor incrementally up/down left/right without using the side view mirror adjusters from inside the car on the driver's side.

    I'll try to post pics in a bit of the 'situation' but i'm pretty sure the mirror motor is beyond repair. I'm planning to call a nearby Ford dealership up on Monday and see if I can buy a new mirror motor - what I need help with:

    Does anyone know the part # for the (driver's side, if it helps) mirror motor itself so that I can just fitscrew it into the mirror housing? Do you guys know how much that would set me back?

    Thanks for any help in advance guys - it'd definately be really appreciated!
  3. We appreciate the business!

    Just signed up as a supporting vendor here on the site so we'll have a few specials posted up shortly.

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  4. Welcome as a new vendor!
  5. I will be ordering a pair today at this price :nice:

    Look forward to doing business with you Ken :)
  6. A breeze!!

    I did this mod in less than two hours...very, very easy. Especially with Kooldawg6's instructions.

    Thanks :nice:
  7. I ordered these yesterday, Nate took my order and was very nice to talk to, I gave him the coupon code Ken provided and I only paid 189.00 for these sweet mirrors, after the order was placed I received an email 2 seconds after Nate said "ok, your order has been completed" In that email it said thank you for your order and all, and it said I was charged 209.00 (which Nate said it would, but assured me I would only be charged 189.00) and within the hour I received an email from Ken thanking me for my business and just to let me know I was only charged 189.00 for the mirrors :nice: and that they would be shipped out Monday and I will be emailed the tracking #.

    My point to all that is: Communication is key to me (amongst other things) And purchasing from SouthernMustangParts has been a very pleasurable experience (Great customer service, great communication, great price, great products and lastly shipping, I am sure their shipping will be great as well) Thank you Nate and Ken!! :nice:

    I will be using Kooldawg6's instructions to install these and I am sure it will be a piece of cake, Thank you too Kooldawg6 for these awesome instructions!!
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  9. Thanks for the kind words!

    We definitely appreciate the business!

    According to UPS they should arrive tomorrow 10/1


  10. They did arrive Friday :nice: I installed these Saturday, as easy as pie to install, the hardest part was pulling the glass off the stock mirror (the first one) I started off by gently pulling and I could not get the glass off, so I decided to pull a little harder and it pulled right off, the second glass came right off with a little more than a gentle tug as well, I had no problems removing the wire harness from the stock mirror, was a little difficult pulling the grommet thru, but the entire process was very easy and took me exactly 1 hour, and that was taking my time.

    The difference in size is substantial, the A47 mirrors are soooooooooooo much nicer looking than the stock F-150 mirrors, as far as losing vision, there is some, but nothing to worry about IMO, The A47s are just as practical as the stockers.

    Thank you again Ken, Nate and SouthernMustangParts :nice:
  11. Glad you like them!!!

    Enjoy :)

    Still have these at a pretty nice price if anyone else is in the market to swap out their stock mirrors.

    Just use coupon code stangnet91 at checkout for the additional savings.

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