Ahhhhhhhhh Rust Flakes...

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  1. Cleaning up my "new" 92 vert, found rust flakes across my trunk lid and wing .. It's not from the car, it's foren to the car, the fiberglass wing has it too... :( I got a lot of it all just using elbow grease, none of it is down to metal, just on top of the paint.. Guess I know what I get to do on my Saturday...
  2. After doing some research, these "flakes" are called rail rust, common from trains, steal mills, and any place that produces metal flakes that end up in the air, these an end up on your car and rust. So far they seam to come off with work, i was just using soap and a rag for the most part, i tried a mr.clean magic eraser and it helped some. I read online that using clay helps a lot, I'll post how it does, i'll try to snap a few pics of before and after.
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  4. me and a buddie used the clay kit on it today, it took forever but it's coming off. we got 99% off the trunk and wing, but agian.. out of daylight. hope to finish it up tommorow.
  5. I've seen it a ton of times on NEW cars. That is rail rust from the trains wheels while transporting. Its kinda old for rail rust. Keep what you have there in mind EVERY time you use a grinder, cut off wheel etc near your car. The grinder spawls will imbed in your glass as well.
  6. My guess is it's from a local mill or burning metal, I just got it Tuesday and didn't see it till Friday, oh well, it's coming off. It's just a pain. I gotta dig my car cover out soon any way.
  7. I don't have any experience with steel mills, kinda curious if they do put off metal spawls somehow. I saw it alot on new cars at the dealer. White was the worst.
  8. I had a girlfriend who lived by a mill once, you'd have to cover the car if there overnight or you'd get them..
  9. I used to know this girl...if you were gonna stay there overnight you had better cover something or you'd get IT too. :banana:
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  10. haha.. it was like 10 years ago in high school, still good advice.
  11. Never use a magic eraser on car paint...they contain Clorox and will eat your paint if used often enough. Clay bar works great on rail dust or any other paint contaminants that fall out of the sky.
  12. the magic eraser only got used a little while i was figuring out what to do, but it's been the clay bar since. The areas where washed several times to keep any left over gunk off. Thanks for the advise though, this crap is a pain..