Aid me in my quest for the coveted custom CT

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  1. Well help out a brotha...I wish..I hope..I pray for a custom CT. I think the problem is I never have anything intelligent enough to be used for one :( . Maybe if you guys can say somefin smart I can quote it in an attempt to 'qualify' for such a coveted title. :mad:
  2. i got one, hahahaha.
  3. YOU MOTHER F&[email protected]# SON OF A %$#fg$%$#...sleep with one eye open you %$#$%^^ (*((##$#@$%
  4. angry...sorry :)..damn that rap music.
  5. haha trying a bit too hard, i wish i had one too
    could of bet that i would get one for the zarqawi death.
  6. Hmmm...

    Maybe something about "Broke Back Mountain" meets David Caridine??? :shrug:
  7. You know you just never hear enough about David Caridine anymore..we should work on creating a section for general discussion to remedy this.
  8. Agreed... I think he could punch Chuck Norris's mother and get away with it :)
  9. I'm holding out on the CT issue...i figure if enough people whine about it and get one, i'll be the only Official Member left, and then i'll be special :D
  10. I think hasselhoff would have something to say about it though
  11. Few people are aware of the strong hate Norris's mother has for her son...jealousy would be my guess..likely of his tremendous forearm strength.
  12. I heard Hass, Norris and Caridine were Ranch hands at the same farm... hmmmmmm :scratch:
  13. "likely of his tremendous forearm strength."

    from beating his meat
  14. broke back farm anyone
  15. so is it just me or does everyone else think cameltoe every time they see CT.....
  16. Personally i think Connecticut :shrug:
  17. If I had one it would be, "There is a big gap in my hood" :nonono:

  18. No i think yours would be I LOVE MY NEW BULLET MUFFLERS!!!!! :lol:
  19. I think he called them "muffs"