Aid me in my quest for the coveted custom CT

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  1. I think you and 5.0DropTop have my favorite avitars period :nice:

    Mine is getting outdated... hmmmm... any ideas?

  2. I added the caption to this one.

  3. LMFAO!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. That reminds me of an Incubus song...

    "pardon me while I burst intooooooo flames"
  5. its you hoodstype!
  6. That is hilarious- I think I just scared some people at the office :D
  7. Minds me of wah pa usda say all da time "Dat boy aint right in da if we just soak em in gasonline and dry him with a match."
  8. hmm.. how does one become a member of the 5.0 talk posse??? :rolleyes:
  9. I send the Prez an E-valentine :)
  10. excellent idea!

    Now, do the make an e-sorry I slept with ur sister-card? :shrug:
  11. My CT....well it explains itself if anyone can remember that post
  12. Oh yea - a classic! Didn't that get you a lifetime ban on Autotrader!
  13. mustang5L5 can u give us a refresher story
  14. I remember that story. :D

  15. Ok real quick. I owned a Lincoln Mark 8. I sold it and decided to have some fun with the ad so i edited to what you see if you click the link in my CT. Anyway i forwarded the edited ad to a few friends and they posted it up on some mustang sites. We had a laugh and i deleted the ad.

    Come to find out, deleting the ad only deletes it from the search engine. The ad is still viewable for a certain number of days. Needless to say in the span of 3 days i got hundreds of phone calls, thousands of emails and the site got well over 500,000 hits i beleive. It was the big internet joke of the week.

    I got a call from the prez of autotrader and banned :(

    I also got an invite to hang out with Ron Jeremy at a adult entertainment party he was having! I never told you guys about that. I never went to the party because i didn't feel like shelling out the cash to fly to LA :nonono:

    Looking back at it it was funny as hell. It made national news too. I beleive it was on CNN or MSNBC with KEITH OLBERMANN

    Here's a cup and paste from the transcript i saved
    Those stories ahead, first here are COUNTDOWN‘s “Top 3 Newsmakers” of this day:

    No. 3: A 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII. Yes, a car as a newsmaker. Found listed on the used car website, “” Listen carefully to the description: “Engine runs perfectly and recently serviced, air suspension perfect. Car was used in adult film, may require some light interior cleaning.”

    No. 2: Da Bull, the mascot of basketball‘s Chicago Bulls, performed by Chester J. Brewer, who was arrested by Chicago police on the charge of selling marijuana out of the trunk of his car. It is his 10th arrest since the mid 1990‘s.

    And, No. 1: James T. Jajuga, the former public safety secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The “Boston Herald” reports that Mr. Jajuga used funds from a special anti-terrorism account to buy a 60-inch plasma TV for his office. Watching those basketball games and **** films, searching for al-Qaeda, no doubt. "
  16. Holy Poop!!! LMFAO!!! Where's the original post oh master of internet commerce :hail2:
  17. Lost in the crash of '05 *spits tobacco juice*.
  18. No! Say it ain't so!!!

    Is that RedMan you're a chewin'??? :)
  19. Nah...I have never actually touched the stuff.
    This is more to my liking...
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  20. Your chin is a tad bigger than I pictured in my head..but that's OK we can't all be photogenic....:)