Aid me in my quest for the coveted custom CT

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  1. I haven't had that in years :Teh-Win:
  2. That autotrader add is hysterical!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
  3. See, that is close to CT material, but the context isn't all that funny. Don't try for it and it may just happen.

  4. I just KNEW that, that crash was no naturally occuring event! :mad:
  5. Daggar got a CT!!!
  6. Someday somehow I will say something funny...I hope to Gawd you're there so it don't all go to waste :)
  7. I think maybe you might be standing in the wrong place or something DMAN. Here *pointing and extending a helping hand*, try standing on this spot here. It's where I was when my CT fell and landed on me.

    You can't hide behind the couch anymore either. Maybe the CT can't find you??? :shrug:
  8. *shuffles over to the spot pointed out by daggar and opens umbrella..JUST in case, wouldn't be the first time I've fallen the the ole "stand here" stunt* Thanks Daggar I will wait here and see.
  9. Ok but.... the CT might stick to the umbrella instead of to you. I'm thinking it's like lightning. Never strikes the same place twice. :rolleyes:
  10. Is it raining or something guys?
    *pulls pet rock out of pocket*

    Maybe this will help you DMAN... you see you rub it and you worry, and you rub it and you worry and you worry and you worry and you worry and you worry and you worry and you worry and you worry and you worry and you worry and you worry and you worry and you worry and you worry and you worry and you worry and you worry and you worry and you worry and you worry and you worry... whew.
  11. I'll never forget where I was when I got mine. It was a dark and stormy night... and the cable went out! I know! Scaaaaary...

    So anyway there I was making my own version of "Who's Line is it Anyway?" (I was Drew Carry but I didn't have a buzzer so I just turned the wifes vibrating neck massager on and off... it's shaped like a banana so we used it as a prop too) with the stuffed animal posse by candle light when an idea hit me- go outside and play in the rain. So they all latched on and we went outside to play.

    Only when we got out there, I fell in a puddle... I was drowning!!! (Oh no!) Yes really! So just as I was kicking the driveway and skinning my knees trying to crawl out a shadowy figure appeared in the distance... it was driving a Red Mustang and he said "Here!" and he threw me my CT to stay afloat.

    I'll never forget that. The Stuffed animals and I are in great debt.
  12. *after reading stypes post he's comsumed with anxiety and fear, runs back behind couch and resumes peeking out and killing off the Cool Ranch Doritos he saves JUST for times like this*
  13. *Speaks Russian*

    Tiennes un sandwich de Turquía en tus pantelones?
  14. *Thinks how cool strype is for being so multi culteral.*...I am learnig sooo much today, thanks :)
  15. 154 replies and no CT 4 you? Start a petition!
  16. hey dman look at my custom ct.
  17. yes yes..we all see you and your glorious ct...oh look at me, look at me...blah blah blah..
  18. I think I'm gonna pick my nose and reflect upon my day's lack of productivity...

    Can a computer programmer have writer's block???
  19. yes.. yes they can. Im programming Scheme right now and have no idea where the hell im going at the moment.

  20. Thats the CT you need D. "oh look at me, look at me"