Aiming the headlights? Mine are too low.

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Mr_Q, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. I think the body shopped aimed them too low. I am lighting up the ground right in front of me, but nothing beyond. And the brights only seem to go a little further.

    How do you aim them? Screws some place?

  2. if you go out and get a haynes manual, which i highly recomend, for like 25 bucks i think. not only will you be able to tear the car apart, but it will show you how to aim your lights as well. to answer your question more directly, yes there are 3 screws that you have to fiddle with in order to adjust the headlights. 1 you will have to have the side lamp removed to access since it's on the side of the headlight. the other 2 are on the back of the headlight. like i said, if you get a haynes manual it will be much easier to do it as they give you a pretty detailed explanation along with photos for doing it. hope this helps.
  3. Thanks! Yah I should get one. Silly that I haven't already.

    Does it give you a suggetion on how high to aim them? I don't want to blind people.
  4. I have the Cobra lenses plus Silverstars on my '97 GT vert, and they're aimed low right now...they are "supposed" to be aimed slightly to the right and slightly down.

    I really need to have mine fixed b/c sometimes it's wicked hard to see at night...i'd almost be willign to blind people as long as i could see :shrug:
  5. yeah the haynes manual will have a photo graph that shows how to aim the lights. all it requires is some duct tape and a broad wall or garage door. the drawing is pretty simple to follow. they give you instructions on aiming with your little aiming device you set up with the duct tape too. but yeah, pretty straight foward stuff.
  6. I have the same problem... My drivers side is pointed almost in the sky and to the right while my passenger side is pointed straight into the ground and looks more like a fog light then a head light. I probably have the worst aligned head lights out of anyone.
  7. Is there any way to align the head lights on a 2003 GT?
  8. I just aimed my headlights more upward because they were aimed pretty low. All you need is a phillips screw driver and if you open the hood and look at the headlight from above you'll see right where to put it.
  9. is there anyways to fix the lights on the 99-03's because i can't see anything. it's like they are pointed down for some reason.
  10. On my 02 GT, I believe there are instructions in the owner's manual on aiming the headlights.
  11. i don't have a manual is there anyway you can post the instructions for me. if you can i would really appreciate this
  12. When you open your hood and look at the top of your head light its the one and only screw chillin right there. Theres one screw for each light.
  13. Pinski,
    Guess thhe Silverstars are not an improvement over your older headlight bulbs?
  14. I dunno bout Pinski, but I have the Silverstars with Xenon fog lights and I can see much better! There are pictures on my site, link is in my sig.