Air Bag light code 12.

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  1. My actron code scanner I don't believe reads the Air Bag light. When the car is started it flashes what equals a code 12. Anyone help me on this?
  2. :Damnit:

    I found a blown 10A fuse in the box. I can't start the car right now since I have the cold air kit off. I'll post tomorrow if it fixed it. The car has been down for 14 months and finding a bunch of things that have either broke or just gone bad from time.
  3. Im surprised you didnt have the "useful info" website's posted on here all the time.

    Good Luck
  4. New fuse blew in 2 seconds. I just printed out the veryuseful schematic. Now I have to trace the #13, #14 wires I guess. Anyone done this?
  5. Think something there maybe grounded?

  6. Sounds like a episode of the 1970's "hit" show..."Emergency!

    "Rampart, this is 51, we have an airbag.... code 12!"
  7. Thanks for that link... I've been on there before but lost it when I reformatted.

    Looks like I need to replace my clock spring :nonono:
  8. What the hell is a clock spring? Do we have wind up clocks? I haven't had a clock in my car for like 6 years. I don't even remember what it looked like. Doesn't the stereo have a clock?

    I just took out my front seats (PMS install, remove old alarm, clean up a bit) so I can lay on the floor without breaking my back and neck. What am I looking for now? Are the wire colors #13-navy blue, #14-tan?
  9. The clockspring is a common item to break in chryslers. From what
    I gather it allows the horn to make contact when the steering wheel in is any position. Well it also has some connection with the air bag. Its located in the steering column. I'm sure one of these techinal guys will have a more in dept explanation of this part. Also can give you an idea of how to replace the darn thing.
    My airbag light flashes as well. Don't rmemeber what code we pulled out of it, but I do remember that it had to do with something about the power supply. I haven't researched it anymore. I barley see the thing flashing.
  10. Above is correct about the clockspring. I have not had the pleasure yet of doing one, but S&2B's reports that it is fairly common and not too hard to replace one (I am thinking Bimmertech might have some insight on this one - or one of the other dealership guys).

    They are around 100 bucks IIRC.

    Good luck Joe.
  11. You guyz and your :OT: posts. Mod Joe is gonna get mad and delete this thread....

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  12. I traced a crap load of wires but I'm really not sure what to look for exactly. I yanked my alarm out which was like 10lbs of wire so now I have a better view of things. We need someone who's done this before to reply.
  13. Joe, it seems to me that the clockspring is very much like the adapter used on aftermarket steering wheels (the cast piece with the turn signal cancelling cam, etc). I did a quick search in here and did not see anyone who posted info about how to do one.

    If you dont find info otherwise, perhaps shoot StangPlus2Birds a PM (he mostly posts on the Corral but comes here occasionally). He is very good with EEC-IV and is the host of the Veryuseful website. I am relatively sure he has done a clockspring before.

    If all else fails, I can look up the procedure later in the service manual for you. Let me know.

    Good luck.
  14. I found a write up he did back in 2003 on this subject from the Corral. But for the life of me I still can't find this damn thing. It's sad that I can do just about anything but yet something simple as this I'm stumbling in the dark. If you find any more info please post it.
  15. Joe...did you try Corral? I know it moves a little slower there, but the more places you post the better.
    Good Luck
  16. Yea I've been reading on the Corral too. I went through each wire on the Air Bag safe module and everything looked great. I pulled the fuse and hooked up my test light. The test light stays ON all the time which means something isn't right. I'll have to look at the sensors in front of the radiator tomorrow to see if something got pinched. I'm out of ideas.

    My Anti Lock Brake light is on too. Nobody is going to want a ride without ABS and air bags.

  17. Not with you driving!! :lol:

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