Air Conditoning On '09 Gt Takes 5 Minutes To Blow Cold

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  1. Hi guys,

    So like my topic says, the air conditioning on my '09 GT takes a good 5-7 minutes to get cold, even if the car is only sitting in say 70 degree weather. It does blow cold and fine afterward, but it does take several minutes to get to that point, and I have really only noticed it happening the last couple months or so as it's gotten hotter out. I haven't checked the temp to see how cold it's blowing out when it does get cold, but it doesn't seem any different than the past once. Compressor is cycling on and off so I know that's working obviously or it wouldn't bet getting cold at all.

    Could it be that I just need to do an AC charge? My car does have 90k miles and lots of use of the AC living in So Cal, so does that sound like the likely cause?

    Thanks for any insight.
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  2. A couple years ago I had to add R134 to my 06. Same thing yours was doing. One small can fixed me up.
  3. Awesome thanks for the reply!
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