Air Filter on 302 TURBO

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by modmach1, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. I think so to. Do you know where they sell those ? :flag:
  2. someday, i want to turbo my 289...
    could you just give me some details on how you did it
    where did you get the turbo at? what kind is it?
    did you need a custom header?
    where did you get that spacer at?
  3. I bought it a week ago, it sits in a car. Havent any idea on what system it is, but im going to take it out pretty soon. Im gonna open the engine and check it out. The engine has been buildt up by a famous drag racer from Norway and he said that it was a Turbo kit for 302`s. The manifoilds are original with a modification so it is in the system. Can take better pictures when i lift it out :nice:
  4. cool, i would appreciate it
    i wonder if a rebuild that is 4 years old would hold up to it?
  5. Accel made it a long time ago. I was looking at an early 80's hotrod magazine and it was in there for sale for around 500 bucks at the time.

    I showed it to my buddy Miles.

    Well he said he had once found one at a yard and asked about it and everyone he talked to said they were bad news really bad news. Blowing up your motor bad news. The engine's would lean out so much they'd go bye bye.

    When you let off the throttle no fuel goes in but boost does. could it be corrected with a blow off valve I don't know. I'd rather not find out if I really cared about the engine.

    Make it a blow through design there is a reason why those aren't made anymore.
  6. The system is only some years old. I have read the name on the Turbo and it wasent Accel. It has worked just grate in the car it is in now
  7. It looks exactly like the accel did.

    Maybe they improved it.
  8. Very interesting thread:nice:

    Keep us updated as things progress!
  9. Do you have a picture of your 73' Mach 1?