Air Lift Performance Track-Pack Air Suspension Installed!

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  1. With almost 2000 miles over the past month+ on my new "bag-overs", as I like to call them, and all I can say is AWESOME! They handle just like a true coilover but better!
    These are the much awaited coilover style front air bag struts with up to 3 degree adjustible camber plates and 30 adjustible dampening settings!

    I have had several different suspension types on my Shelby: stock, lowering springs, high performance coilovers, air bags and then these high performance trackable coilover style air bags.

    So with several suspension styles I can honestly say that these new coilover style air bags are the best suspension I have ever had in my GT500 hands down!
    I especially love the adjustibility of these as its my daily driver and having a quality ride is important not only on the daily grind but also being able to take it to the track and make some simple adjustments to the dampening via a knob at the top of the coilover and have a great track suspension.

    Out of curosity I weighed then vs. stock struts and the Air Lift ones are MUCH lighter! Stock is about 19.0 lbs ea and the Air Lift ones are only 13.5 lbs ea! Thats about 11.0 lb total savings! Also, I got a little over 1/2" drop from where I was before. The fender supports are now resting on the tops of the tires . Cant get any lower than that lol

    Here are some pics (sorry but the weather wasnt cooperating and I really wanted to get these installed lol)

    Pictures (click on thumbnails for larger images):
    View attachment 182962 attachment.php?attachmentid=6784&stc=1&thumb=1 attachment.php?attachmentid=6782&stc=1&thumb=1 attachment.php?attachmentid=6785&stc=1&thumb=1

    Install Pictures:
    attachment.php?attachmentid=6786&stc=1&thumb=1 attachment.php?attachmentid=6791&stc=1&thumb=1 attachment.php?attachmentid=6789&stc=1&thumb=1 attachment.php?attachmentid=6798&stc=1&thumb=1 attachment.php?attachmentid=6799&stc=1&thumb=1 attachment.php?attachmentid=6801&stc=1&thumb=1

    attachment.php?attachmentid=6802&stc=1&thumb=1 attachment.php?attachmentid=6800&stc=1&thumb=1 attachment.php?attachmentid=6804&stc=1&thumb=1 attachment.php?attachmentid=6805&stc=1&thumb=1 attachment.php?attachmentid=6806&stc=1&thumb=1 attachment.php?attachmentid=6807&stc=1&thumb=1

    Show Pictures:
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  2. Car looks great!
  3. Friggin' sweet. I was thinking about going with a bag set up, so thank you for posting your opinion on the differences.
  4. Car looks great. Any pics of where the compressor / tank are installed? I'm curious how much trunk space they take up...
  5. What made you choose that kit over others?