Air Vents Randomly Lose Output

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  1. Hey guys it's been a while since I've been on here but I have this weird problem. I was using the ac on normal on the second lowest setting, then after a few hours into my drive the air output went down to the point where max ac on high blew no more air than normal ac on low. There was still cold air, I could hear the blower adjust to the low-hi settings and the different functions would still change such as vent, floor etc. Only the air volume changed, any thoughts?

    The ac was recently recharged and the upper hose assembly replaced. Now the weird thing is since it got so bad I turned it off and used the windows but now several hours later the air volume is back as it always was and should be!
  2. Please restate the problem. I'm not sure that I follow what you're trying to say here.
  3. He's talking about the force of air coming out of his A/C vents.
  4. Dude hasn't been back since he made the post. I guess he figured it out. :shrug:
  5. Yes. That, or, he realized this place is dead. :nice:
  6. That's just it. He never came back to even check after making the post.
  7. You assume that but I have the graphs that indicate otherwise. :) Granted though that the 2.3L section gets smaller and smaller as the model year ages.
  8. Yeaaa. Oh well!
  9. Fix your vacuum leaks. Its as simple as that. The vents are defaulting to the floor or defrost positions when you loose engine vacuum, so you need to replace the faulty check valves, and repair or replace any cracked, disconnected, or broken vacuum lines or fittings.