SOLD Airaid SynthaMax reuseable conical air filter 10-14 Shelby GT500 $70.00


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Aug 4, 2001
Toronto, Canada
Reuseable Airaid SynthaMax air filter for Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 2010-2014 and other intakes fitting the dimensions listed below. Direct fitment on 2010-14 Shelby GT500 factory air intake. In great condition, used on my car a few years can be directly installed on your car now or clean it up and it will be like new to install whenever you are ready to put it on your car. The overall length of this filter is 9 in. long and the flange opening is 6 in. diameter so it will fit any intake with those requirements. Oiling not required. Asking US$70.00 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 US and Canada or contact me if there is a price in your head for this part.

Call or text is best 416-919-1769 or PM.


Located Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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