Airbag code 63 will not clear need help


Nov 23, 2019
Hello Mustang Friends;
I'm new to the forum, i just recently purchased a 1994 5.0 GT 5spd. Nice clean car, when i got it there was an airbag code 12 flashing. Replaced battery, ditched underdrive pulley and cleaned grounds and replaced blown fuse. I used the clear/reset procedure with the connector under the glove-box and it chimed and i got a code 52. Tried the clearing procedure again, and now I got a code
63Intermittent or Repaired Memory Clear Circuit Improperly Grounded
Now it will not clear after multiple attempts. In reading through this forum past posts, i saw two posts that described exactly what i was experiencing. Exactly. However both posts were not answered. So, i know we have a lot of talented people on this site, can someone please help me?

UPDATE: Just cleared code 63: Apparently the system will stack all codes to be cleared 1 by 1, if you make an attempt to clear the system and you don't hold the paperclip that jumps the connector tight, and it provides an intermittent connection it will create a code 63, I had failed a couple of times in clearing the code so it stored the the 63 several times. I just kept clearing until it finally stopped.

Hope this helps someone that had the same issue.

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