Airbox On A 89 N/a

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  1. so I went to check my air filter a couple days ago and I cant get the filter out of the box the screws turn but they won't come out. I can't find a replacement or a cold air intake to swap it out with. any advice?
  2. I have a '93, I'll assume the airboxes are the same and try to help.
    There are 4 screws, one on each side of the box - have you gotten to all of them? If they turn but don't come out, the piece they thread into may have fallen out - this happened to one of mine. Try prying it open with a screwdriver and just lifting it off - without breaking it obviously.
    Finding a replacement air filter should be pretty easy - STP # SA3717 is what I use, in stock at my local AZ. No one makes a cold air it for these cars, you're on your own so to speak but a few guys have fabricated one out of PVC pipe or some 5.0L pieces. Google or the search function on this site should help.
    Good luck!
  3. what would happen if i just atatched a filter to this

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  4. You would have a hot air intake, the engine will not run as well, fuel economy will decrease, performance will decrease.
  5. for future reference if anyone needs to know I attached the filter right to the silencer and there is no noticeable difference. I do plan on putting a cold air intake on when I have some extra money but if your in a jam it will work.
  6. Your car came with a cold air intake. There is no gain to be had by using an aftermarket intake unless you also do some serious mods to the engine to increase the flow through the head.
  7. it seems I've been misinterpreted.....
    I did not do this to increase performance or to be cool
    the factory airbox was shot and I wasn't gonna pay $100 or more when I didn't have too
    this was done so I could drive my car
  8. Ok, I would still pick one up from a junkyard. Running just a filter with no airbox means your engine is drawing in heated air instead of cold air. Hot air is less dense. Less dense means less power and less efficiency. It also means the engine will be more prone to knocking (bad) and more prone to vapor locking.
  9. I'm just going to relocate the filter to the fender where it belongs when I get a chance
  10. You should just yank that intake muffler off all together.