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  1. finally the weather, time and cash flow stars have aligned, I managed to get the AJE K Member installed, and I have installed the SN95 lower control arms with 5 lug brakes & shocks in my 80 model.
    The springs were a bit of a bugger to get in, however the overall job went well.
    it's obvious the track is wider, the toe in can be corrected by installing the SN95 inner tie rods, they are a direct swap thread-wise, however they longer, and the camber was corrected with a caster camber kit, however; I seem to have run into an issue of which front anti roll bar to use.....
    should I try to mount the stock fox anti roll bar or use the SN95 roll bar. I had considered a few options, but thought it would be best to ask someone who has performed this operation and has had good results.
  2. I put the stock sway bar back in when i installed my upr k member
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  3. Iwhich lower control arms did you use, as stated i'm using the SN95. did you swap the sn95 roll bar perches onto the fox anti-roll bar. reason i'm asking is the front anti roll bars are different widths.
  4. You don't want an Sn95 sway bar on a fox. It's wider before it bends, therefore at full turn your wheels will hit it.

    I have an AJE k member, honestly i'd never recommend one of their products to anyone, poor customer service, they deny issues that clearly exist and things never fit like they are supposed to.
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  5. I agree with the fitting issues, mine did not fit correctly at the rear mounting area, also I opted for the road racing braces to add additional strength to the k-member for pot-holes etc....the threads in the road racing braces had different threads than the OEM lower control arm bolts. they said the OEM bolts should fit, that was another hold-up, however the k-member is installed and I will use it.
    I wanted the wider front track and better steering geometry so I chose the SN95 lower control arms, I noticed that the holes in the sn95 lower control arms are in a different position than the fox-body.I just don't want any little surprises , so that's why i'm asking these dumb questions.
    thanks for the info.
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