Alarm install wiring diagrams

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  1. I am about to install a new alarm with keyless entry in my 95 GT.

    Does anybody know where I can find some sort of diagram with locations where certain wires are?

    I have a Haynes manual that has a schematic with color codes but don't know where they run or where a good place to splice into them are.

    Help! :shrug:
  2. You'll be able to tap most of the wires you need under the drivers side dash. Where did you buy the alarm?

    See if a local stereo shop (who is a DEI alarm dealer) will provide you with whats called a Techsoft printout for your car. This will give you the proper wires, color codes, and best location for your specific model. Some shops might resist giving this out, it really depends on the place. Maybe a couple bucks could convince them if needed...

    Good luck,

  3. Go to, sign up and then you can view tips and get wiring diagrams.... DC
    edit: i tink the 95 may be a 5 wire door lock system which makes things a bit more fun when installing, PM me if you need help on it....
  4. Do you have the keyless entry option to begin with? Mustangs back then were wired quite differently depending if you had the keyless entry option or not.

    If you have the keyless entry option, the keyless entry control module, along with the separate factory alarm module, are located in the left side trunk behind that cardboard trim panel. That is were you will find all the wires needed.
  5. If you are looking for the actual Ford wiring diagrams, a good place to get a set is through Flat Rate Tech.