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  1. the only reason i posted this in sound/shine was because it's electrical and you guys seem to be pretty knowledgable about how a mustang is wired up. :nice:
    when i bought my 00' Gt a little over a year ago, it had an aftermarket alarm already in it. i'm trying to pull the alarm control center (brain) out to find out the make and model, mainly in an effort to get new remotes for it. i'm 99% sure it's the box in the upper left hand side of the passenger wheel well, but how do i pull it down or out and how is it mounted up there? it's a pain with the fuse box & the clutch pedal in my face and space is reeaaally tight in there, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
    i know it's not stock, but i'm guessing it would have to be mounted in a similar manner. thanks, steve