Mach 1 Alarm?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by blueovalboy06, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. My alarm honks the horn every few minutes till u lock it. and it is very sensative if u barely touch the car it goes off. it has the factory alarm. Is this suppose to happen?
  2. All I have is the factory alarm, whatever that consists of. It's never done anything like that to me. Not sure what that is.
  3. Another thing that doesnt make sense is that it honks twice when it unlocks. Does anyone elses do that?
  4. To my knowledge they didnt come with a alarm from the factory. Just a fob with lock / unlock / trunk / panic buttons.
  5. I dont know either i just bought it and it did not come with a book to see if it is set to be more sensitive or something. It has the factory key fob so i dont think it has a aftermarket alarm.
  6. it's possible to retain the factory fob with an aftermarket alarm. that's what i did with my '01