Alaskans for Global Warming!

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  1. So, it's been in the upper 30s/low 40s for a couple of days now, and I've been chopping ice in the driveway like mad. Tonight I got the Shelby out and made a road trip to Wasilla, had dinner at the Red Robin (the wife is out of town-hey, a guy's gotta eat!), and put about 100 miles on the car (roads are clear and dry, temps in the low 40s).

    I love this car, but it sure draws some weird attention.

    Had some clown on the highway in a ragged out S10 Blazer who kicked it up to 85 to sit in my blind spot after I passed him. Slowed down to 55, and he slowed down waiting for me. Started making me nervous, especially since the PS window was part way down. Took an offramp, waited about 30 seconds, then got back on the highway. He had slowed down again. He started riding my blind spot again... but apparently his top end is about 90.

    Was at a stoplight in the middle of town when some guy in a lifted (gas-engine) Chevy truck with a snowmachine in the bed starts revving. He launches like I'm going to race (30 mph street). I passed him a few miles later, he follows me off onto another street, lines up next to me at the light, and his passenger starts hanging out the window waving at me. I rolled my window down, and he tells me he wants to see what his truck will do against a Mustang. Seriously? It's in the 40s, my tires get NO hookup on cold asphalt, and he wants to street race. I just told him "Oh, you'd take me I'm sure" and pulled away slow.

    I'd bet that winter's not over yet (normally can't get my summer toys out until April 1st), but it was nice to have a day to play!
  2. One Ohioan here to support Global Warming. I was able to drive my '12 PP V6 to work today, for the first time in about 3 weeks, and boy did I miss driving it! While it isn't a GT500, I fully support this cause lol.

    On a side note, from what I've seen on Alaska State Trooper's there are alot of crazy/strange people in Alaska. Must be either cabin fever, or the whole being light in the middle of the
  3. Never seen the show, so I can't comment specifically, but in my experience, there's a lot of crazy/strange people on any reality TV show. We've got our share of nutballs, sure, but I don't think we're statistically any different from the rest of the country. We just get more than our share of reality TV shows!

    Cabin fever will definitely get to you (makes you chop ice for 4 hours to clear the driveway to get your Mustang out in early March!), but the long days in the summer are AWESOME. Probably the single thing I'll miss the most when we move.
  4. I am sure the editors of the show only want the most "quality" of citizens on the show, which is essentially Cops but with thr Alaska State Troopers. I find it amusing that on almost every show there are a few suspects that are either drunk, assaulting someone, mis-using a firearm, or any combanation of the three.

    Our Ohio is not as extreme as your Alaskan weather is, but recently it has been just a gloomy, snowy, rainy mess!