Albany New York

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  1. Anyone hear from albany area
  2. Not to far away....Utica...its about 1.5 hours
  3. Yup, Live in Charlton(Glenville , Burnt Hills area) and work in East Greenbush.
    How about your self? In Albany or around town?
  4. I live in Schenectady just looking to maybe get a couple more guys to go out cruisin this summer
  5. Albany here white pony, but I got to warn ya I'm an old fart

    Roached--how are you doing?
  6. Not too bad Oldster. Got the GT out of the garage this weekend. Only got to put about 50 miles on it, but it felt good. Hope to drive it all week if it doesn't snow!
    Did you get a chance to call Jeff at Precision?
  7. Talked to Jeff last Wednesday. He strikes me as the type of perfectionist I would want to work on my car. I'll have to sell my CMC Gazelle before I have him do the work. I may have to go with a touch up this year if I don't sell.
  8. Hey being old has nothing to do with it its the age you act that matters.BUt me and my buddy are just trying to get a couple more guys out this year.Nothing looks better than a pack of ponies cruisen down the road.
  9. So true. Maybe we can arrange a meet-up once the weather gets better. There's a strip mall on Carman Rd. between Guilderland and Schenectady that had a meet every Wednesday night last year at a place called Corner Ice Cream. I know it sounds hokey but it got pretty big by the end of summer. There's also the drive ins at Hoffmans on rte.9 in Latham 3 times a year. Any other suggestions?

    Roached-what do you think?
  10. I know were both those places are never been there though.We usually go out fridays or saturdays up on central ave were builders square was or dunkin donouts in scotia on ocation but new places are always good.
  11. Sounds good as well. I just seem to be drawn to places I can see the old stuff. I miss my 69 vert.. RIP in a 1975 roll over.

    I thought D Donuts / McDs in Scotia kicked the guys out?

    6-12 inches stinks. I guess we won't be going anywhere soon.
  12. Last time I was thee they did not kick us out.BUt the snow 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' is putting me behind schedule on my car just put back in the garage last night.But I will definetly keep your name down I wont have my buddies or my car done for probably atleast a month or so but as soon as I do I will make sure to get intouch.
  13. I lived in Albany from 94-99, never remember seeing any real muscle action over there. Cops there were crazy. I got pulled over in my own driveway once because he said 5 minutes ago i didn't use a right turn signal at 3 am.
  14. Whitepony are you ever in Clifton Park? Last summer I remember seeing a rather nice looking LX in the Pricechopper parking lot. Rather loud if I remeber correctly.
    Yeah, I have to agree with you guys on the snow. I took both of my stangs(ok mine and my wifes) out of storage this past weekend. unfortunatly, her convertible made it in the garage and mine is out in the snow.Oh, well, hopefully only a couple of more weeks of winter.
    Let me know when you guys are planning on hooking up. I live only a couple of miles from D&D in Scotia. unfortunatly with a new little one running around the house I don't get a chance to stay out too late these days.
  15. I'm in Oneonta ....
  16. I might have been in clifton park but I dont really remember my braian is kindove fried at this point in my life.I did not get my car out till beginning of augest but it could have been me.I will keep your name on file and once I get mine and my buddies car done I will make sure to get in touch or once you get yours out get ahold of me cause mine runs at the moment but I have a few things I am planning on doing once it gets warm again.
  17. Was definatly before Aug. my wife was pregnet last summer and wouldn't ride in the 95 after July. I know she was with me at the time, she pointed it out before I saw it. Hopefully weather will break soon.
  18. You ar etelling me I got all excited for about a day and then s**t on me its going to snow again.Also would happen to know were to get nitrous filled around hear.
  19. McConchie's fills nitrous bottles! Located on RTE 50 in Burnt Hills. Their ok to deal with. I've bought a few things off them in the past couple of months. Their open on Saturdays as well. 399-6868
    I priced them to install a set of gears in my 95, Thought they were a little on the high side for the installation. $575.00. A little too much for me right now.
    but everything else I've got from them has been realy good. There also used to be a place on the botom of broadway hill near the train tressel that had a nos sign in the window. more toward the hill from where TVA used to be.
  20. That would be pit stop.I have not stopped in there yet .