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  1. My car may be going up for sale .I am ging to be test driving an 03 cobra to find out if that is waht I want so if any of you guys are interested let me know I and will give more details about the car
  2. Did you ever sell your shorty's? Still debating on long tubes or shorts.
  3. I kept the shorties on and sold the longtubes to my buddy I did not feel like going through the hassle and he needed them his were shot but hopefully tomarrow I am going up to test drve one to see what the cobras are like and if it is all that everyone claims it is mine is going up for sale and I will start hunting for an 03
  4. Actually, I'm planning on heading to metro tomorow. A friend that works there told me that they have gotton at least one 05 in. I can't afford another payment right now, but they don't need to know that!
    Side note, got 2nd ticket for the season yesterday. Hung the car sideways leaving the dealership at lunch time. Of course there had to be a state trooper coming the opposite dirrection. One of these days I will learn. :shrug:
  5. AH I dont hink you ever learn I dont.I would not really bother going to look at it the 05 they have is a 6 cylinder and a puke green color I dont thnik it will ever sell.Unless the person is color blind.
  6. Yup, What a waste of time. but did happen to see a beautiful Mistic Cobra Conv. sitting on the lot...
    I'm Color blind(looks gold to me) But still wouldn't buy it. I was hopeing to see a GT. I'll wait till spring I guess.
    Everbody getting ready to put the cars away for another long winter? Just finished getting my winter car road werthy today. i think tuesday or wensday I will have to park the stang. I hate winter. I think it time to move south! :D
  7. Jay - Ford says that Orange has a blue GT in stock
  8. I would not buy the mystic but I think I am going to buy an 03 I just gotta do a couple things to mine then its going up for sale
  9. Crossroads in Ravena w/ 2005s on the lot

    Supposedly (Friend told me) Crossroads in Ravena has 2-3 in stock. They seem to get a lot of quality stands in. If you are looking, give them a call.
  10. albany

    just wanted to say whats up to everyone. i live in albany and just found this board.

  11. Hey ghost nice to have you on hear.Hey guys I decided on what I am going to do this winter.I voted against the 03 cobra cause I just dont want a huge car payment I would rather build my car and buy anouther bike.So everything I have right now motor and tranny wise will be for sale if anyone is interested would prefer to sell complete.Most the motor mods are in my sig plus spec billet steel flywheel and stage 2 clutch.The tranny is suppose to have hardened ears in it but not sure about that but it shifts fine I have never had a problem with it.If anyone is interested in anything or wants more details let me know but all I got to say is I cant wait to get it all done.
  12. Hey were you guys all been have not heard nothing in a while.ANy plans for winter for anybody.
  13. Just found this thread. I live in Albany... only for school (SUNY) thank god. If you guys plan on meeting up anytime soon I'm down, my Ram probably won't fit in that well though.
  14. Hey xghostx, I saw your car on MustangWorld. Where'd you take those pics - the top deck of the Empire State parking garage?
  15. yeah i took them before the snow flew and before i put away the 89 for the winter. i couple of shots came out prettygood. thanx
  16. Bang, the winter never happened!

    Thursday 3/31/05 is looking pretty fine, I plan on doing some cruising around Clifton Park, then?? going into work early, don't really have a choice but that means I'm out of there early, just in time for a nice ride, anybody else planning on playing hookie??

    - 04_snake
  17. I could sit in my car in my garage and make motor and turbo noises just dreaming of what it will be like in a few months at this point I wish I did not sell my bike so I could atleast go out and have some kind of fun.Is it just me or are we missing a few pages of this thread.
  18. I've got 350 miles on mine sence last saturay when I got it running again. Headers arrived today, so I started ripping it back apart again tonight. Its nice having it back on the road again. except for the 60 in gas. Think I'm gonna have to drive the volvo acouple of days aweek to compensate for gas prices...
  19. Snow? Near Albany? Imagine that!

    Just to introduce myself, newbie and all, live just west of Catskill. Looking forward to some interesting discussions. Eric, BTW, bought my '05 GT at R.C. Lacy's in Catskill, had the known problems: separator plate, Shaker 500... still o.k. on gas fill, tho. Good luck and happy cruising to all!
  20. Whitepony...Great to meet face to face, at least I know what 1 of us looks like.The parts look great, can't wait until the weather is a little warmer so I can get to installing.

    Hey. I heard there is an an American Muscle day at the Valley on Friday the 29th sponsored by NE-SVTOA. Anybody up for it? I'm going to try to get the day off! Link is below: