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  1. I want to go to the SVTOA day, friday is a good day to blow off work, but this Saturday is the first LVD test & tune and first track day, last Sunday's opener was cancelled. Can't miss me, I'll be the one scratching my head, cursing at my latop plugged into my car.

    - 04_snake
  2. Made my first trip to the valley today. ran 14.334 for my best. Need to work on my 60 ft times and get rid of the 2.73 gears.. had fun anyway though.
  3. Just thought i'd say whats up, i go to school at SUNY and i'll have an apartment up here this summer. If there are any meets or gatherings or anything, i'd love to come hang out. My car isn't up here, but i could bring it up if something big was going on. :D
  4. Waiting for mine

    I am new to this forum and live in Clifton Park. I have been waiting four months to even get a build date from a local dealer. I ordered my GT on February 7th. Yesterday, the dealer told me that he has not heard anything yet and that I might in fact get pushed into the 06 model year. I wish I could find a dealer that can get me an 05 soon, I am even willing to travel for it. I am getting very frustrated. Hope to have one soon that I can talk with you guys about.

  5. What part of the catskills?
    I'm in Sullivan County
  6. We need to hook up and cruise up to Lk George, I rolled out on the warm front last night and made the run up the Northway and ran into a bunch of fast stangs and a few all out rods. I also found a sweet looking 01 Cobra for sale on 9N just south of Bolton Landing at the Bluebell motel or something like that. Damn nice black snake with a lot of extras, if anyone is looking for a complete car. Pick a day and we could meet in Clftn Pk. and rumble on up 87 and scare all the chebbies!

    - 04_snake
  7. All this talking about meeting just pisses me off my car is just sitting in my garage waiting to get done.I did get my nice chrome 18's on last week though so I got some new bling bling on it.If you guys really want to meet up hooters would probably be the best place I am sure everyone knows were it is.I may be buying a new ZX10 shortly cause this sitting around hearing these cars and bikes everyday is geting to me and a nice 170 horse bike could sure be fun.
  8. hey everyone! its been awhile since I posted...long winter I guess...I finally have the stang out...needs a good cleaning but its running...IM in for a ride anywhere...just post it...I can get to hooters to meet with everone if that is the place..... ok..everyone have a good day and pray for good weather....later on!
  9. Hooters, Hooters, HOOTERS!! Who doesn't like hooters?

    Pick an evening or day, I'll have to clean up all the rubber splatter from last nite at the valley, but I'll be there! Nothing finer than pack of wild horses, doing what they like to do, RUN WILD!

    - 04_snake
  10. Hey, in Scotia enjoying runs up the Northway with my '05 Redire GT.

  11. I am there... Let me know when.
  12. friday is stang cruiz day

    Well dejavu all over again, weatherman tells us all week long that the weekend is going to be great, then thursday night we get the death sentence, 40% chance of scattered showers Sat & Sun. Well I'm glad I braved the cold and got some runs in at LVD Weds, because I ain't taking a chance driving out Sat.
    Hey roached1, how did you do? I only got 3 runs, but the last two were 11.86 and 11.80, so I am dialed in and ready for Musclepalooza if Memorial Day weekend turns out good. Friday, tomorrow (today) looks decent so I was going to head out after dinner, clean off the Valley bugs and go for a ride and sneak a head start on the weekend, before the rain and I get stuck inside with the honeydo list. I'm going down to hooters for a club soda and then roll out from there, anybody else interested just show up, the more the better. Just look for the guy bellied up, with the ford gear on.

    - stu
  13. Name a time - I will try to make it.
  14. I am bugging out of work real early to get my new 285/40/17's Goodyears put on the back and deal with the extra tires. After that I was going to give her a bath and head over for some wings around 6. Not sure if the better half is coming, I warned her I'd make her clean the car so she might bail. Rollout is whenever it's best for everybody, park with the red 04_SNAKE, way far out if your not interested in a soda and just roll from there either way, I just need to stay away from my garage, I'll start tearing it apart again to f with something!
    I need the cure, I need a nice cruiz. :cool:

    - 04_snake

    edit: tires were a ****, running a little late!
  15. How'd it go? I couldn't get out of work. Need to try it again... Hopefully we have a long spring/summer ahead of us.
  16. the frustration of of trying to mount tires, oversize, not suppossed to fit the chrome wheels you can't mess up using a new style side arm tire machine you don't know how to use: total

    the way the you feel after you have cleaned up your ride with those sick meats on: priceless

    cruized until 11:30, but I was over an hour late to Hooters so I thought I just missed you and was looking for you on the Ave. after a scrub up at Hoffmans, where I saw a nice 99-00 red cobra and a mean looking 5.0 notch. On my way down 787 around 7:15 I hit some sprinkles so I figured maybe it was going to be a short ride but after a couple of pops at Hooters the sky was clear and the stars out, nice night. The Kmart lot at 5 and 155 had some kinda of ricer convention so I hung out there for a while, checked out a couple low-riders. **** of it was a guy with another terminator, emailed me Fri morning to pack up, but he sent it to my home email and I was so late getting home after doing the tires I just washed up and booked off to Hooters, figured you might be waiting and wondering WTF, and I didn't see it until this morning.

    Not to worry, the stars and moon will align themselves, and we will get a pack together. This dude Jaimy has a 03 white cobra with a ported blower and a bunch of suspension mods, just tons of stuff and I want to check out ride, to see some of my next projects.

    I sent you pm.

    - 04_snake
  17. I thought I would bring this thread back up I saw a couple of you guys last night.Anyone else here going to the valey next weekend
  18. I'll be there. I do think Snake is going
  19. bit the bullet Sat and did two weeks worth of honey-do's in the blistering heat, the weather is looking better for next weekend, no rain & cooler and yes i will be there with a canopy setup next to my car and our Red pickemup with a lift kit. Stop by and have a soda pop.
  20. I will definetly be there wont have the car though but I know a few other guys are going to so we will definetly see you there