Albany New York

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  1. Sounds to be a good turn out. Snake, did you find out if we need to pre register?
  2. No, not required, just like a Sat test N tune. gates open a 8, tech around 9, racing starts at 10. I got in touch with Andrew Segal, the guy who puts it together because I had a question about the tire limitations. I can run my 26x11.5 DOT's, because they measure less total size than 28x10.5 slicks. So all is a go for me and I have been pimping it hard on 4 or 5 forums to drum up some stangs from Long Island and NE, this could be the high point of the season for our area. Bring the family, bring the camera's and don't forget to bring your race face! LOL!!! see you Wed nite, I am going even if it is raining, just in case I can get a couple EASY runs to finish the clutch break in.

    - stu