Albequerque - What do do New Years Eve and anyone from here live there?

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  1. Instead of being home for New Year's, and party with the GF & friends, I will be in Albequerque for the night, so I can return with the kids the next morning home. Not my plan crapola but I have to accomodate.:Damnit:

    So, what's do do there New Years Eve? I have never been to town, and am flying into the airport at 9:30 that night, so it's got to be near the airport. Any ideas?:shrug: Any one of our gallant crew a local there? If so, let me know!
  2. Well, back in '86 the thing to do was to shoot guns off into the air at midnight. Freaked me out and I'm from Oklahoma. The airport is over on the SE side of town near the AF base. As I recall, most of the places to go are down along the river in Old Town, or up in the Heights north of I-40. I'm not aware of anything near the airport. Albuquerque isn't that big of a place, it's bordered by the National Forest with Sandia Peak on the east and reservations on all other sides. I wasn't of drinking age then, so I can't help you there, but I hope you like Mexican food as there is a lot of good food out there, real Mexican food, not Chili's like the little ad next to the quick reply box is flashing right now.
  3. HOOTERS!!!!:D :p :nice:

    Not too much near the airport. :Damnit: :bang: :shrug:
    You could do a drive-by!:D :nonono:
    You could go down the interstate and buy some fireworks and a 6 pack and have your own celebration!!:nono:
    There is a resturant on Broadway that serves eggs and trout for breakfast and a 10 lb burrito covered in french fries!! That would be a celebration of sorts.....

  4. Thanks! Big help!!!

    I hear there is a club district by "Old Towne"?
  5. While you are out having fun on New Year's Eve, just remeber those of us who'll be stuck at work! (I'm gonna end up working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day too!!) :(
  6. Well, bring the Hooters girls to your station house then!!!
  7. That's great idea, Dan :rolleyes: The town library is reduced to a pile of ashes as the whole crew stands around the firehouse watching the Hooters girls bending over to get more Hot Wings out of the oven. :drool:

    On the other hand, Fritz might be working at the Nursing Home! (Yeah, I remember that people are sick on Christmas and New Years, too) Hmmmm.... how's that gonna work out? "Code Blue, rooms 151, 153, 155........ the whole men's ward!!!" :eek:

    As for your hot time in Albu-cracky; I'm thinking your best bet is to grab a case of beer and couple of bottles of whiskey and all the Hot Wings; and invite the Hooters girls back to your Jacuzzi Suite :banana: :banana: :banana: You did reserve a Jacuzzi Suite, right?:doh:

    And if you do pull this off, just remember to post it here!

    And remember, :worthlesb
  8. sit and wait for bugs. Then tell him to go right.
  9. I spend last New Years Eve at Hooters in Seattle. They shoot fireworks from the Space Neddle!! See pic. And made some friends!!

    (dancing banana):Damnit:


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  10. :drool: [homer voice]Mmmmmmmmmmmm..................hooters[/homer voice]:drool:
  11. 67MM,

    Is that Hooters girl doing what it looks like? If so, I'm going NOW...................
  12. I had to go back and look at that picture. :eek: If you're talking about the girl in the middle and the girl on (her) left, swing by The Closet and pick me up! Don't even have to stop, just slow down to about 50 and I'll jump in! :banana:
  13. I'll be swinging through with Cobrask8! Your jumping aim better be good!
  14. ...why, yes...yes she is!! And having it done while sitting on my lap!!:D It's NICE being single!!:nice: :p


  15. Ya know....all this talk about Albuquerque....well, I just found out that I'm being sent there 2 Jan for 90 days to install some equipment in Intel. Ain't THAT somthin'?!:shrug: :rlaugh: Crazy stuff, man!!

  16. Found something to do, as there's a comedy club having a New Year's party, so I made a reservation, and will be entertained. Food, Champagne toast, should be entertaining.

    Hopefully they'll seat me near a bunch of off-duty HOOTER's girls......
  17. Ha! Knew she was your
  18. BTW 67,

    Go super milk chan!
  19. Probably not any more ifshe ever reads this thread..........:shrug:
    Just send her east Dan, there's this nice, big, warm fuzzy guy on the east end of L.I. who'll help mend her broken heart.....................
  20. Hey Dan, you don't need to go to a comedt club! From what I'm reading over on Deanna's "Ricer" thread; you could probably get one of those $5 laser pointers, and see if yor Ex's new boyfriend will chase that "magic red dot" all around the walls and floor :lol:

    And, when you brought out that comment (and Dee picked up on) about "...the GF..."; you just earned another :worthlesb