Albequerque - What do do New Years Eve and anyone from here live there?

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  1. Are those real Halibrants?
  2. No, they're replicas I got from FFR, available in 15" and 17", and can be had either with 5-lug pattern & fake knock-off, or as real pin-drive w/ knock-offs. Not cheap, the wheels cost me over $1600 for all 4, the most expensive thing I bought for the car so far....
  3. I look funny... XP
  4. I was Bored

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    Darn the words are too small to read, but yeah I was bored in paint again.
    The words read as follows:

    D: Weee ^_^
    Dan: O_O *Chases like a mad man on Honda NightHawk 650*
    BBFCM: D's got Cobrask8, run!
    Mike: You better have left the key to The Closet somewhere safe!!!
  5. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  6. Nice idea; but I'm telling you that the Big Blue Guy routinely loses his keys! Which means his li'l green sidekick (that would be me - my middle name is Mike) probably has one stashed somewhere!
    Y'know, I think I got to meet the one on the left (not on your left, I'm talking about the cute one)on the Wednesday after Thanksgiving! That night (which was the week of the PRCA Convention), the Committee from Cheyenne Stampede Days had rented the rooftop lounge of the Rio for a little hospitality party. The Scottsdale and Yuma Rodeo crews were invited, and she was the hotel's hostess checking invites at the elevator. Was a fun night; made even better by the fact that nobody got run over while crawling back across the street to our rooms at the Gold Coast :nice:
  7. Whoa Mikey~!:nono:
    I'm a BIG BLUE FUZZY even when sober CLOSET MONSTER! I don't need keys!

    besides, I don't have pockets either, and I don't need YOUR suggesting where I should stick them!:rolleyes:
  8. I hope you're not gonna bust down the EVIL OVERLORD'S Closet Door! :eek:
    She might refuse to provide pics for that Calendar....
  9. I said I was a BIG BLUE FUZZY CLOSET MONSTER! I didn't say I was STOO-PID! :nonono: