Alignment after lowering, need new "camber" bolts

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by HDS, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. :shrug: I recently installed a Pro-Kit on my car.

    As #1 recomendation I took it to a shop to get it
    aligned. I didn't get new CC plates because I've heard many arguments
    that with such a small drop 1'-1.5' its not really needed to get new ones.

    They told me I would need new "camber" bolts.. I think that's how you spell
    it. to properly align the car.

    At first I thought he meant CC plates. Which I don't really have a clue
    of what they do.But no it's camber bolts.

    I asked him if I would need new CC plates, since it's what everyone preaches
    here after new springs, he said "NO" because they are usually changed when
    a vehicle has been on a wreck or something like that.

    We'll it's going to cost me $160 with alignenment and new camber bolts.
    Does it sound reasonable?
  2. I, and a few others on here, would always recommend putting on some good CC plates when lowering one of these cars. Anyway, the "camber bolt," from what I can tell, is used to change the position of the strut on the spindle thus allowing more positive camber.

    It seems that on some cars, you can get a reasonable alignment without either piece. That doesn't seem to be the case many other times, it wasn't in mine. The guy that does the alignments where I get mine now usually gets the camber to factory spec, or close to it. He managed to get it there on an 01 GT with Steeda plates. On the older ones, however, there seems to be less range. With some aftermarket CC plates and a bolt kit, you'd probably be able to get factory camber settings, if you like.
  3. Thanks for the info, I'll do the camber bolt right now and when the tires are shot, in about 6K miles, I'll do the CC plates with the next alignment. Thanks
  4. instead of using the offset bolts, why not slot the upper bolt hole in the struts??
  5. Not sure. Seems like it work the same way. :shrug:
    May just be easier the other way.

    Aren't the Cobra R Bilsteins' upper bolt holes slotted?