Suspension Alignment / front end measurements

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  1. I need some measurements and advice on how to square up my front end which is a 69 Coupe with TCP Coilover with adjustable upper arms.When I installed this setup, I took measurements off of my original suspension which obviously wasn't square. The lower arms must have been skewed to one side because when I had the final alignment done, the shop ended up having to shorten one of the uppers all the way, and left the other side centered in it adjustment.

    I have already had a frame shop measure out the frame to see if it was bent as they said that it is pretty close to spec.

    I am looking for these baseline measurements:

    1. Length of a Stock upper control arm (1969)
    2. Baseline length of the Strut rods to use as a starting point.
    3. Front track width, and wheel base.

    So that I can fix these issues:

    1. Adjust the strut rods for correct for/aft wheelbase distance.
    2. Set and Center the correct track width within the frame.
    3. Center up the upper arms to an ideal length, then perform alignment as needed.

    What is the best way to get the lower arms centered and squared for proper track width I was just going to take a measurement from the frame rail to the ball joint and set each side equal to each other and track width as I can.

    What is the best way to square up the strut rods? I was just going to measure and adjust for the correct wheel base on each side, unless someone has a better suggestion.

    This is the procedure I am going to use.

    1. Put car on stands, shimming stands with boards as level as possible.

    2. I have made an adjustable rod set to the ride height, to go in place of coil overs to keep the geometry correct while off the ground.

    3. Take baseline camber measurement on both sides.

    4. Reset the upper arms length to match a factory length arm.

    5. Adjust lower arms and strut rods to center and square up the track on the front end, while getting as close to desired camber as possible (fine tuning will be done with upper arms as needed)

    I'm look for any advice on this procedure or anything else you might be able to help with.
  2. you need to take it to a shop where they can put it on a rack. get a accurate messurement from all for corners. odds are they will proably be able to bring it all into alignment on the rack for your basic camber, caster and toe that is. Why is your track width off ?? you did not change the mounting locations of the components. its been awhile since ive seen a tcp set up, but from memory they located to the orginal mounting locations. The over all dynamics of the geometry should not be that far out of scew. why was your orginal not sqaure ?? out of alignment maybe? there is really no way to get it right sitting on stands in your driveway. you can get it close but not perfect. I would call around and find a good shop and explain to them what you did to the car and see if they have a good tech. I see you said " center up control arms " that can all be done on a rack as well. its hard to do what a laser does by eye. I just have a hard time picturing where you would be so far out on so many planes.