Suspension Alignment Problem 69 Coupe

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  1. I'm trying to get my old 69 back on the road again and decided to do a quick alignment check w/ jacks stands and string and noticed that the center of my drivers wheel is one inch closer to the engine than the right side. It looks like it might have been wrecked sometime but not too bad. I guess my question is, is this normal or a major thing to worry about? And can it be fixed?
  2. Check around the bottom of the tower ,where it is spot welded to the frame .The spot welds may be broke loose .If it is broke loose you can push it back in place and re weld it .If you have an export brace it can show you if your towers are leaning in. Use the good brace not the cheap one ,the cheap ones don't fit any way.
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  3. OK, I may have a big problem. I measured using the string method, to the frame rail just in front of each front tire. There is a 2 inch difference with the drivers side frame rail in 2 inches farther than the other side. Then I measured string to the inner rocker. At the back of the car, its dead even, up by the front of the door there is a 1 1/4 inch difference, drivers side in farther. Crawled up underneath to look for any obvious re-welds but everything still looks factory. You would think that the car would look "tweaked" with stuff being off that much but it looks fine. Any ideas?