Roush alignment probs/caster non adj???

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by spederman, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. went for an alignment today on my 2002 S281. The specs were as follows:

    Left front:
    camber: -0.6
    caster: 3.0
    toe: 0.12

    Right front:
    camber: -0.9
    caster: 4.1
    toe: 0.13

    cross camber: 0.3
    cross caster : -1.1
    total toe: 0.25

    The alignment shop said that the right front caster and cross caster were out of whack but since they caster is non adjustable, they cant do anything about it and said take it to ford. If caster is non adjustable, does everybody have this same prob with their cars?

    Is the specs out of adj enuf to worry about it and get caster/camber plates?

    I think they are going comparing to a stock mustang gt suspension, since we have different suspension, do you take in specific specs and have them set it to that? Anybody have the specs for saleen's suspension?