all ford dealers selling at $20,000 over msrp

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  1. I thought I would be smart and start calling all the local Ford dealers big and small around southern Oklahoma and Northern Texas to steal a Gt500 at MSRP before the rush.TO LATE ! Every Sales manager I talked to told me the same story! All the Dealers got together and decided to sell all the GT500's at $20,000 over MSRP so as to not under cut the other dealers! We will all sell them for the same price! I told them to NOT call me in six Months time trying to sell me one at msrp or below. That's about the time my new Dodge Charger will be getting it's first oil change.Screw FOMOCO and their greedy ass dealerships!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  2. That's insane! And also very illegal. This is a textbook case of price fixing. As a dealer, you cannot go to all you competition and negotiate a single (or fixed) price. If you want to pursue this, I suggest taking along an attorney.
  3. Too bad you didn't record the conversation. As rpretzel says, price fixing is illegal.

    Call some other dealers and see if they give you the same story. If they also say $20K markups, call your state Attorney General and get him (or her) on the case.
  4. I agree with the above posts. Maybe you'll get something out of it.
  5. Look, guys, if you really want one these (gt500) you will recognize that dealers will charge what they want. I am in Northern Virginia and my local dealer is asking 2XMSRP!! why? Beacause they sell more Fords than all but 2 or 3 dealers in the world, and they have 50 of us wanting to buy the first GT500 they get.

    I have purchased 4 new Fords from this dealer ship, and I am like 800th on the list. Ford laughed at them when they tried to order 50 GT500's for this year -- perhaps they will get 3-4 in total this year.

    Don't kid yourself this car is hot and should be sold for whatever they can get for it.
  6. :nono:

    If its true, this makes me more angry than the dealer collusion ....

    Ford has a responsibility to their stockholders, customers and employees to maximize unit sales.

    This whole GT500 fiasco is irritating the -F- out of me now.
  7. When idiots with boat loads of money buy Hemi Cudas for $2 Million dollars they help create a market that allows this kind of stuff.

    Some dude at the Barret-Jackson bought a 1970 Vitamin C Orange Ragtop Hemi Cuda for $2,160,000.

    You would be better off writing a letter to Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, and asking them to stop buying up the cool old cars... They will laugh harder than Ford did when the above mentioned dealership asked for 50 Cobras.