All Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA coming soon!

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  1. Its the first weekend in June, If you're going to the show this year let us know. A bunch of us go down there and thought it would be cool to have some shirts made up. You know something like to Carlisle 08 or somthing like that.

    Of course we will need to get approval from the site owner on using the name but its just an idea, i'de love you hear others if you have ideas on a meet up, cruise or the shirts.

    Here is a link to the show for info and registration.
  2. me and some friends will be there
  3. I'm definetly going to be there!:SNSign:
  4. Carlisle in only 45 minutes away from me. I'm there every year with a bunch of friends.
  5. Would anybody be interested in a Stangnet meet up?
  6. yeah man thats cool, there will probably be a **** load of us
  7. yeah lets do that, im gonna go up there for bout 3 days, I might have the vert done by then, but it should be fun, seeing all these cars in mags and stuff and actually see them for real....
  8. I would finally make my way over but I just can't bring myself to spend all that damn money on gas :rant:

    Having a girlie whom you have to buy a plane ticket to visit for a weekend at a time kinda brings down the travel expense for car shows :rolleyes: Not that I mind, but...

    Flavadave, you should come up to FFW in NH this August!
  9. ah **** the 6th - 8th, looks like ill be late for sr week

  10. I think I am going to...
  11. Last year was awesome and I plan on being there this year too. Carlisle is like foxbody heaven. We should defiantly get all the stangnet stangs together... :nice:
  12. Awesome, get in touch w/me before it and we can hook up on the way possibly. We've got a huge stampede heading up together this year :nice: Plus I'll probably be looking for a roommate for staying over. That is, if you plan to go for both Sat & Sun.
  13. For sure, if I am going itrs going to be for the weekend.
  14. I might try and get down there :D.
  15. I'm usually not into car shows, but that's a lot of foxes in one place... If my car is done and running well by then I might cruise down there! We could get a big ol cruise. Looks like most of us are from up this way.
  16. There are ALOT of mustangs at the Nationals, when you show up for registration there are 5 lines; 4 lines for mustangs and 1 for Ford Vehicles other than Mustang:)

    I believe there was somewhere around 3000 cars last year?

    87ttopstang and I stay at the same hotel, if someone else would like to stay there let us know. The rooms go fast though so make your plans now.
  17. i just ordered my new suspension so as long as i get my electric fan and the new suspension finished up ill defiantely cruise down...if not ill just take the dd either way i cant wait, cause the deals you can get at carsile are always unbeatable... i got a sunroof last year for $10 and door seals for $ was great, i think that my dad would want to come to because we just finished his cervinis c-500 kit and im sure that would be a eye catcher...

  18. yea im definatly goin where is everyone stayin, im stayin at the america's best inn i'll be comin from md anyone else?
  19. I haven't been to Carlisle for years. The only thing i don't like is that there is no racing to watch, like at a FFW( well not any racing to watch there lately) or NMRA, but maybe it would be good if all the stangnet members were going to get together. Wonder if there are any rooms left down there?
  20. i kno the place im stayin still has rooms its 4 miles from fairgrounds americas best inn