All Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA coming soon!

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  1. hope to meet some of ya out there this year. If ya see me stop over and say hi.
  2. I am new to this forum and live within 10 miles from Scranton, PA. I was thinking of going down to the show and would love to jump in on the cruise. I could only go down for one day though and would need to come back Friday night (but not until later.. 9:00pm or so). Who is leading the cruise? Handling all of the pit stops to pick people up along the route?

    I would be more than happy to suggest a good meeting place in Scranton that is easy to get on and off 81. PM me for my cell number and I can give you good details about where to meet in Scranton.

    I will be driving my (new to me) 93 reef blue vert.

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  3. It's 2 weeks away fellas.....hope everybody has got there cars ready to go!

  4. ya, get on that, i still want to go, hahaha!
  5. Sounds like that guy is willing to meet up with us this weekend to put the wideband on Dan's car, I'll be heading up to Maine tonight and back on Sunday, and down to Maryland next weekend so it needs to happen fast.

    My car is about ready, Glassy Business is tinting the windows this Wednesday and i might attempt to do the 3G and Taurus fan one of these nights. If not it will just be the "Carlisle Triple Dial" and away we go.

    Sounds like we will meet up with Scott and the crew at that Mcdonalds off 81 like last year...maybe 8 or 9am. We'll pick you up first ofcourse:)
  6. I wanted to attend this and the Mustang week, but honestly cant swing the money for gas for both, :notnice::mad:
  7. One week away bump!
  8. If any one wants to meet up in georgia Im heading up on thurs morning.
    send me a pm.:D
  9. Its this week!

  10. Yup, sure hope my car stays together this week, yikes.
  11. yup, cant wait!
  12. they need to make this event in dearborn ,michigan where all fords originated from that way i can walk there . the price of gas is getting ridiculous but i'm hoping to make it out there especially to see 87 t-tops beautiful blue car in person.i need to get motivated to keep chugging away on mine.
  13. Same here, so you should be there Friday night...right?

    I hear ya

    Not to disapoint you but Scott's 87 wont be making the trip this year, he'll be riding in th comfort of his wife's 06 GT crapola
  14. is anyone showing their car?
  15. We all enter our car in the show...I didn't the first year I went cause i thought it would be out of place. I got in the gates and realized my car was nicer than quite a few in there so I have be registerd in the show field since, not to mention its cheaper to register for the show vs. paying to park and admission to the show.

    2 days away!
  16. I should go just to get some new seats.
  17. looks like another hot one! dont forget the tent dave.
  18. Oh yes, the Coleman 15x15 Gazebo is already packed:nice:
  19. I should be there sometime Friday late, probably 11 or later. Just in time to go out drinking :D.

    Dave PM me with your contact info at some point. Anyone else coming feel free to do so as well. I will make some calls when I get there Fri night, hopefully everyones still awake!