All Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA coming soon!

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  1. It looks like a bunch of you guy's are going down Friday. Is anyone going Thursday? We should be there by 1 pm, ready to drink!!
  2. I assume the bars are local? Maybe even a Hotel bar? :D
  3. I was hoping to have my LX ready, but thats not going to happen so Im taking my vert instead. I just wish it looked a little better cosmetically. Anyone from the Ephrata area going on Saturday?
  4. My friend got his T trim on, but the car isnt tuned yet so hes riding shotgun with me... Hopefully I don't have any issues, but hes good with a wrench which is nice to know.
  5. maybe mine will be done by next year and make the trip with the tops off.oh well one of these days i'll see it in person.
  6. I am going to have my car dyno'd at the show...shouldn't be anythig too impressive but I just thought it would be fun to see what it makes.
  7. So for anyone interested in meeting up along the way on Friday morning...

    We'll be meeting at the Mcdonalds on Rt20 in Lafayette (south of Syracuse) @ 9am

    Should be going through Binghamton around 10am
    Should be going through Scranton around 11am

    PM me if you want my cell # and we can communicate in the morning.
  8. I'm heading up from Lancaster on Saturday.