"All-In-One" Messengers

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  1. I finally thought i might jump on the all in one messenger band wagon. I use msn, aim, and yahoo every day, and got tired of 3 different programs. I could not decide which all in one to use, so i got GAIM. Its ok...i'd like something with more features. I had PLUS! on my msn, and i loved it. I would like to have something in a MSN format, that i could add my AIM and YAHOO guys to. Anybody know of a good all in one?
  2. Trillian
    You can get it at downloads.com
  3. Trillian!!! :banana:
  4. i'll check it out
  5. I use IM2, works fine for me
  6. I use trillain too. Make sure u upgrade to pro (i can get u a key). and use the mini browser plugin so you can read aim profiles right.
  7. Trillian :)
  8. Could I get a key??:shrug:
  9. i got a crack for trillian pro i love it
  10. Where is the love?:shrug:
  11. Miranda IM


    Google Talk

    And is free, no hacking/cracking/whatever

  12. Does it do video?