All kinds of squeaking from wheel area

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  1. Basically my car has this loud squeak sound when I turn the wheel, and whenever i am going over a speed bump of some sort. I think at least for the speed bump part it must be the shock as it squeaks when it compresses.

    Also, if I have the break pedal pressed down and I turn my steering wheel, the pedal pushes back ever so slightly. Is this weird or have I just not noticed it before?

    Either way, I want to get rid of my damn car.
  2. I don't know if mine squeaking is the same as yours, but lately, mine has gotten horrible. I mean, driving 60 mph down a newly paved road and it is squeaking; sitting still and moving in the car a bit and it is squeaking; getting in and out of the car, squeaking; turning the wheel, squeaking. It has always done it a little bit when going over bumps and such, but never this bad. And I'm getting a little tired of it as well. It's no fun getting stared at by strangers not because your car looks good, but because it is making all kinds of funky noises.

    Oh well. Gives me an excuse to get new springs/shocks/struts and lower the car. :D
  3. I don't know if my squeaking is the same as either of yours but I used to have a 98 vert that would squeak over speed bumps and even if I parked the car and just shook it from the outside you could here a little squeaking. Sounds like a hamster's exercise wheel and gets on my nerves:mad: especially with Honda loving family who thinks American cars are cheap pos:nonono:
  4. It's really difficult to diagnose a noise over the internet, but I'll do my best. Get your car up in on jack stands and visually inspect the suspension. Grab the tie rods and try moving them back and forth, grab the wheel on each side and try moving it side to side and back and forth, etc.... until you are able to identify where the noise is coming from.

    I also had a terrible squeak from my front suspension a couple of years ago. Every time I turned the wheel it would squeak and it squeaked over bumps, etc... When I jacked up my car, I could replicate the noise by grabbing and trying to move the right tie rod end. I replaced both tie rod ends and the noise hasn't been back yet.

    O'Reilly sells replacement tie rod ends for cheap. Also, they are made by Moog and have grease fittings (pretty nice pieces if you ask me).
  5. thanks guys, i'll see if i can diagnose it later. **** is pissing me off!
  6. Glad to help, let us know what you find out. :nice:
  7. My car started to squeak when the rear end's bearing started started to leak, when the bearings gave so did the axles seal, the rear end fluid got on my breaks and rotors, glazed both. Didn't help my brake pads were ceramic slash metal. After calling the insurance rep boss they finally gave me new seals and bearings, and I made them change the pinion seal cause the mechanics were irritable douche's. Anyway, I also made them give me new break pads on the side that were squealing. Squeal gone, but, the the rotors are ruined still. So every time I go over a bump the rotor touches the brake pad and squeaks. This is after I changed all the shocks including the Quads. Dealerships lick ballz. Insurance reps w/dealerships lick Brown eye, **** tried to save every penny she could. I think would have assaulted that dike if the bearings would have gave and hurt me and my wife. End of Rant.:mad::nonono:
  8. get a needle injector & put some grease in the non geasable ball joints let the wheels hang inject the gease into the rubber gently then turn the wheel from side to side ...... if it goes away then that was problem its common on Mustangs
  9. I have a similar squeak and something I noticed that wasn't mentioned was having to replace the throw out bearing. If this is loose or worn it can create a similar squeak. If you're in lower gears it's usually worse, especially when gently pushing or releasing from the clutch. I was told that my transmission would have to be taken out to replace this (bad news). One identifier that seems to be different then some issues I'm reading here are that mine occurred while idling.
  10. OP said the squeaking happens when he turns the steering wheel and when going over speed bumps. I doubt it has anything to do with the TOB.
  11. You're probably right...I doubt it too. But if it was ALSO squeaking at low speeds (without turning the wheel), it could be the issue. If not, I completely agree that it's out of the question.
  12. If the squeak makes the same sound when going over bumps as it does when turning the wheel it has to be suspension related. A TOB would not squeak when turning the wheel.
  13. Mine started to squeak too, first it was a grinding noise when i would go fwd with the wheel cut all the way to the left or right, my mechanic tightened something up and it was gone, but then it started to squeak only when the wheel was turning to the right, i have to take it back he said the suspension was fine, and the ball joint looked ok, he thinks it might be the steering column, hes gonna take it apart and lube everything up to see if it goes away :\
  14. My 96 Cobra does the exact same thing. When finished braking, coming to a stop; the weight transfer at stop when the front end lifts up theres a loud squeak. Turning the wheel while stationary, or moving, same squeak. This isnt a little hampster, this is loud, and sounds horrible, like metal on metal scraping. I use silicone spray around the ball joint and it goes away after its worked in a couple hours or a day, then comes right back. Gotta change em eh? How difficult is that for the weekend mechanic like myself?
  15. seems like this topic may be dead, but I hate it when people figure out their problem and NEVER post the solution!

    That squeaking... I guarantee you that it is the ball joint(s). The weight transfer up and down on the front end cause pressure and release on the ball joint, as well as while turning the wheel obviously. This squeaking and high pitched whining is most certainly from the ball joints.

    I had a particular awesome day... I was pulling up to a stop sign and all of a sudden *BOOM* the whole passenger side slams down at once. I get out and what I find is truly a nightmare. :jaw:

    The ball joint gave out on the front passenger side. So the entire weight of the corner is sitting on the tire/rim. The fender has been horribly damaged; pushed in and up out of alignment, also denting in all around the wheel well. 2 new ball joints later; she drives excellent, but looks like a junky project car now.

    A word to all of you out there with squeaky suspensions...