All supercharged me out...

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  1. Kinda random...but I'm sick of hearin people talk...

    I want the proper setup to beat 03 cobras and vettes...but have ALOT of room to grow down the line to do more...

    I rarely go to the track...and I LOVE highway driving...

    Also...the only time I REALLY ever run ANYONE is on the highway...

    I'm thinkin of a vortech t-trim and a paxton a/a (mph mongoose)

    Later down the line...probably a MPH shortblock...with whatever may suit me at that time....

    I wanna make alot of power/torque and still be able to run good track times...I'm mainly concerned with RAPING on the highway though....there are also alot of supras and 350 z's in my area with ALOT of work...

    thanx and I apologize for my indecisiveness...haha...just wanna do it right the first time....:nice:
  2. "ALOT of room to grow" = a shortblock first

    Do you have an idea of what power level these cars you want to beat are at or what they run at the drag strip?

  3. Low 500s in the supra

    Mid 500s in the Z

    But as they grow and do more modifications, I would like to as well...

    Also the cobra is putting down 420 wheel...But I know hes not done either...
  4. how much are you looking to spend? my vote goes to built shortblock and spray it with nitrous since you do a lot of hwy driving.
  5. Around 5-6 grand...

    I just wanna do it right the first time...
  6. for the street KB rules. i cant mess with my buddys KB GT at all on the street but i can hand it to him at the track. the T trim will be a good blower but i'd get the Novi 2k since they are within $100 of each other.

    i would get a built bottom end first and then you can crank up the boost when you get the blower. and i dont think you will want anymore than 550 to the wheels. i drove a 620 hp gt the other day and it was way too much for the street.
  7. If you want to do it right the first time, then the shortblock first will give you better results for the future when you want to get greedy with higher boost levels. Keep in mind it's not just the shortblock you'll be throwing money at, but also an upgraded transmission, rear end, possible suspension work, etc.

    If $$ is your concern, you can't go wrong with any mongoose kit with the stock block. You may not flatter your friends with dyno charts, but on the highway you can certainly lay the smackdown on some vettes and such.

    I dyno'd very low on my first pulls because it was a hot summer day. Got out on the track during the fall and I pull times that would indicate I'm making alot more power. The way I look at it, unless the car I'm up against can run low 11's or better I can put up a good fight in most situations.
  8. stock block, forged internals, kenne bell. :nice:
  9. Forged Internal + Turbo(s) = :D

    Pricetag = :(

  10. So if i want to crush all of my friends cars...i want a KB?? Will a t-trim car of equal power ever be able to beat a KB??

  11. For the racing your talking about I think a twin turbo and a built bottom end is what you should be looking into. The KB is great light to light but out on the open highway I think a turbo would have the advantage.

  12. I dont have that kind of money though...

    I want a blower that is good all around, but primarily shines on the highway
  13. Then I would look at the NOVI 2000.
  14. Centri blowers are what you'd want for highway runs. They are more of a top end power producer whereas a KB/roots/twin screw type supercharger will give you gobs of low end power. A Paxton/Vortech/Procharger is what you'd want.

  15. But all this hype between the two...

    If I'm running a centrifugal blower and making 420 RWHP

    And my friend and I run with his cobra at 420 RWHP

    ...and we race from about a 45 mph roll...would it really take the centri THAT long to reach its peak much of a jump would a roots style blower typically get???

  16. Under those conditions, he'd eat your lunch and take your milk money.
  17. If you only have 5-6k to spend if you do a short block first that will eat up most of that money right there if you are having someone else install it. As far as blowers go, Id go a T-Trim or Novi 2000, I’m going to be upgrading to a T in the near future.

    The problem is with the cars you want to run against they are making mid 500s and I know the Supras are lighter so you would have to be making high 500 if not 600 rwhp.

    Here’s a list of what you’d need:

    Forged Short Block: $4000 (VT Sportsman)
    Blower Cams: $500
    Heads: $1500-2500
    Supercharger: $3795+ (Mongoose SQ-Trim) T-Trim will be more
    8 Rib Kit w/ Pulley: $650
    Paxton A/A IC: $1500 (Could do custom for cheaper)
    Vortech Mini Race: $250
    Cobra Tank/Pumps: $1000 (can be bought cheaper)

    Total: $13200 and that’s on the light side. This is also without upgrading suspension or your rear end and you installing everything your self.

    In all honesty, if I could do it all over again I would have bought a Cobra. Cheaper to mod and you can make tons of power with out having to tare into the engine.
  18. He wouldn't need new heads, and could probably get an ebay intercooler setup for about $800. Either way though it will still cost a good chunk of change to get into the 500-600hp range.
  19. like a 322 stroker...port and finish heads, custom grind cams and a 300 shot of nos...
  20. Twin screws being a low end power only blower is a common misconception. They have a flat tq curve but their hp continually rises until redline. KB 1.7L and 2.1L max potential is more limited than other centris and the larger 2.2L and 2.6L blowers. But a KB 2.2 or 2.6L can turn any car into a street and highway monster. There's are KB'ed 2Vs topping 700rwhp now, and even one with a 2.8L making over 900rwhp.