All Weather Floor Mats

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  1. We're doing a car pool at work now, so I need some mats to protect my baby from the snow.

    Has anyone used the WeatherTech digital fit mats? I've heard good and bad things.

    Has anyone used the OEM all-weather mats? How did they work out?

    The digital fit mats are really expensive, so I was looking at the OEM ones. I saw them for sale on AmericanMuscle, but it says they only fit up to 2010. On Ford's website, they have mats for 2011-2014, but they appear identical. Can anyone tell me for sure if the 11-14 mats will fit well in a 2014? I can buy them from the dealer, I just want to make sure they'll work.
  2. I have the Ford ones in my '14 and they are great. The Weathertech ones are really nice, but you pay for it. I also put one of the Ford liners in my trunk because I take my own carwash supplies to work when I wash my car there.
  3. Thank you, that's exactly what I needed to know. I have the trunk liner as well, and it is nice.
  4. btw, your picture is awesome lol
  5. Weathertech digital fit worth every cent spent on them.
  6. And now I'm conflicted again... jk, I really appreciate your reply, TT5.0ca
    Do they fit as promised? I've heard people say there are pretty big gaps around the edges on some cars.
    I've also heard they stretch, bend, and get deformed over time.
    Do you have all 4? I'm wondering how well the back seat mats work.​
  7. It's a floor mat. Think what your saying. It's going to get beat up over time. Nothing is going to protect the carpet better than that digitally sized plastic bucket that is the WT. Every car is different. The 11+ cars are a little complex around the outer edge. I don't have the backs as I don't have people back there too much.

  8. Yeah I know it'll get somewhat damaged over time, but the stories I saw made it sound like it was unreasonable damage too fast. Or perhaps those people just set their expectations too high.
  9. Latter is correct. Two years of slush, snow, salt, grime and ground in dirt have taken their toll on the surface appearance of the WT in my car but, the carpet is mint. If I work a bit, I could restore the appearance if the mats but, I dont really care, they are there to do a job and they do it.
  10. How would you go about restoring it?
  11. Well...there's the preventative route of cleaning it weekly with a bristle brush and soap and water but, that's too much work. One sunny day, I'll pull them out and bristle them as clean as possible, coat them with Armour All or Back to Black and let them sit in the sun a while to evap off the slipperiness.
  12. I have a set in my 2013 Boss, Fit and work great.
  13. I ended up going with the OEM, had em for a few weeks and I am very satisfied.

    Thanks for the help guys.