Allow me to introduce.....HOSK8

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  1. Welcome the newest member of my team!

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    Just got it home, it's still on the trailer! But, it's here!

    Now starts a long, slow project, but one I have dreamed about for over 20 years. I will fully restore this 1974 Hurst/Olds back to Indy 500 Pace car glory. It's originally from Oklahoma City, and was stored in Michigan the last 12 years. I will first get it running smoothly, then go forwards from here.

    :nice: :flag: :hail2:
  2. i dig them mid 70's cutlasses. nice find.
  3. Okay, okay; it looks pretty good in the pics; and it didn't spend all of it's life in the Rust Belt...... still ain't a W-31 though :p

    Actually, that's kind of interesting with the B pillar. Is that dark area vinyl, or just paint? If it's vinyl; would that be a "semi-landau" or a "quarter-roof" treatment :scratch:
  4. OBTW......

    You might want to re-think that acronym.........

    Remember your "ebonics"...... unless you wanna start calling yourself "Pimp-Daddysk8" :rlaugh:

    EDIT: Or is she gonna "take your money and break your heart"? :p
  5. Thats when you just have to slap it around a bit, if you let it get to far out of control you might have to make an example of it, so the other obey.

    Sweet car tho, I like it, should be a fun project pending parts arent to costly and rare, although it will make the car that much more valuable.
  6. does it have the swivel buckets? have a HO...SK8
  7. Brian,

    It's got the swivels! A white interior, and I am looking for many parts. What do you have down there at the yard? Keep an eye out for me.

    As for a name - OK, you guys then name her! I was trying to combine both.

    Oldsk8? (Oh wait, that's me)
  8. i'll keep an eye out for anything but i haven't seen too many H/O's around lately or collonade cutlass' either for that matter. i di just find a new yard to play in a few weeks ago and i've been planning on doing some scrounging and reselling in there, no early mustangs though...sorry guys.... but i wasn't looking for any olds parts at the time. i did see a few things i wanted to get for my town car and my brothers 69 GMC 3/4 ton so i will be going back and i'll check to see if the have anything you can use too. send me a list of stuff of you need and i'll keep my eye out for ya.

    oh, yeah....swivels!!!!!!! SWEEEEETTTTTTT!!!!!!
  9. Since it's a '74 you're going to have to hang with the Mustang II crowd now!


  10. Charlie's Angels! Long legs, long hair! You Betcha!!!:nice:
  11. I thought I heard some thunder rumblin' a wee bit west of here!:nice:
  12. Bryan,

    Any Cutlasses with the same body style, 73-77, and any color. condition of the parts is what I am after. I can paint/dye anything that is not white. I need most parts!
  13. Makes me miss my old 1969 442!
  14. Waitaminute...... I thought Deanna said your other name was Poopysk8? :scratch:
    I'm for Hurstsk8 or Oldsk8..... in that order of preference.

    The swivel-buckets sound pretty doggone cool!

    As for the whole Mustang II/Charlie's Angels connection: If you can get Jaclyn Smith to show up; you'll get me to show up. :drool: :drool: :drool:
  15. and as soon as you show, Jaclyn will leave!:rlaugh:
  16. That's cool, I always preferred Kate Jackson myself!

  17. i'll keep an eye out for ya but there just ain't much in the way of smog era cutlass' around here any more.

    on a semi related note i'm looking for set of 69 H/O mirrors, you know the talbot jr style for cheap if you locate a set. and i mean cheap.....around $100 or so, they are going to going on the 69 cougar eventually if i can find a set.
  18. I told him not to call her HOsk8...:nonono:

    Poopyface is his name, but we can always tweek that to Poopysk8. XD

    Now is this fair? Dad's got two of his dream cars, (the Cobra and now the HO), but I've yet to have my first Mustang?:shrug:
  19. Another Vote for Kate Jackson. she was always my favorite.:hail2:

    As for you, Miss D - If you do great at college, and get that killer Meteorology job, you will be able to afford finished, restored cars, not the ones I can afford, that need help of have to be built! Or, you can always buy your Mom's Mach 1......:rolleyes:

    Poopysk8, Harumph!:nono:
  20. Damn that's a big biaatch! Not my style but best of luck to ya Danny Boy!!!!!

    So I take it that means Cobrask8 is all done then? Or is this taking away from the "saving for paint" fund?

    BTW, made a new friend at work last week who's closest friend works at Factory Five so we have an in for the next rebuild unless your racing days are over. Buy 3 get the next one free!:rolleyes: