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  1. Perhaps a group discount if we buy in bulk?:shrug:

    D- Sorry to burst your bubble, but 1) Life is not fair and 2) It took your father almost 50 years to get his two dream have plenty of time, only the time you have your dream car, there won't be any gasoline to drive it!

    There is an option tho.....see my thread on "Rev. Gadget's Electric Garage"!
  2. Anybody in Oklahoma? Trying to find a previous Owner

    Oops, wrong place to post!

    But, to answer, I never really wanted to finish the Cobra, always wanting to race it. It's been fun always doing things to it, modifying it, and being able to have fun without the big fear of wrecking the paint.

    So, it's now more of a track dog!
  3. Meh, I don't thinks I want a Mustang anymore. Really, I don't know what I want. But, if college goes well and I get a job with NOAA right away, I can see buying something at least.
  4. How can you say that???? :eek:

    You're gonna miss out on lots of fun stuff! :nonono:

    For instance...... Here's Trish waving around her timeslip after her first 1320:


    Image stolen from another thread started by SVTCobra306 - who did not make it down the strip as fast as she did!

    Here's "The Fine Print": I'm talking about AJ's pass in Trish's '96 'vert! He chopped at least a couple seconds off when making the pass in his '94 Cobra.....
  5. Yeah well... I've been around the classics all my life thanks to dad. (Took me to my first car show when I was what, 3 months old?) And don't get me wrong, I still like them, 64 1/2 - 73 are nice, but with all the new mustangs that are starting to look like cookie cutter cars and not having a Mustang here at home for six years now, they seem to have lost their luster.
  6. Harrasy my friend HARRASY you have to take back your cursed words per the Stangnet Bible :SNSign:

  7. nah, you just need to get a big ol' 71-73 vert with a 429SCJ in it.....that'll cure all the cookie cutter'dness feelings you have now :nice:
  8. Nah, she needs to "one-up" His Royal Cheapness and get a '71-2-3 XR7 'vert - gotta love the leather! And, she'd get to experience Life In The Cleveland Lane :nice:

    Besides which; can you see Dan trying to find all the requisite ECI sheetmetal for a Big Cougar??? :rlaugh:
  9. Dan-o Please remedy the situation w/ Deanna before we have to excommunicate her for her heretical musings!:nono:
  10. exactly why i suggested a mustang vert instead of the cougar vert...easier to find parts. though a big full bodied XR7 vert could be cool too.
  11. In her defense, I've got her in a pretty cool car, as the XZ-2 is a really cool car, lots of power, and super-quick!

    My thinking is once she's done with college, a new pony, and then she can look for a classic.

    I do have her hooked on Cobras, so she's still in the Ford family...

  12. STDR - How about the ultimate Cat? a 1971 XR-7 Vert with an SCJ? Now THERE'S rarity!:nice:
  13. Dad, it's a ZX2, silly.

    Mom's 428CJ was nice, but all it can do is go straight... Weeeee straight....:nonono: Chepie was nice, I had a lot of fun in cheapie, but he needed help still before we sold him. I would have bought the car from him, but I was $400 bucks short (If I'm remembering the right selling price) at the time and I don't think dad would have sold it to me anyways. I don't really want anything with a big block, because like I said, they go straight... I like the Cobra because it's small, quick, and does more than go straight, haha. If I can get a 'vert from 64-69 I'll take it, but by the time I'm done with college they may go for 70k+ with the way prices of everything are going up. I refuse to by a new Mustang unless by the time I come out of college they have made an amazing new Mustang with a killer body style that looks good both with the top up and down and a semi-fuel efficient engine.

    If I could, I'd wanna build a Mach V. I think there are kits to build if off a 'vette chasis but I havn't seen anything like that in a while. (The new Mach V is disgusting... :notnice: :nonono: :mad: How dare they ruin my childhood hero!)
  14. I agree with you on the whole Speed Racer thing, not the movie I've been waiting 30 years for at all but I can see why they chose the direction they went in and I am trying to remain open minded about it. I think Iron man will be the cartoon come to life movie to beat this year but I'm sure you are just as upset about the Cobra getting crushed in that one.

    As for all this Mustang nonsense though Ms. D I'm thinking it's tiome for a good ole fashion [​IMG]

    Can't there be some type of compromise here? Like my old 99' for example?

  15. Ah, Pak! That's awesome! I'd drive that any day! :hail2: If I get my hands on a white Mustang, that might be a killer idea.
    As for the movie, I thought it'd be somewhat similar to the cartoon and not so, well, new. I can't remember speed ever racing on glowing tracks with cars that had orange tires. And the Mach VI... VI!?!?! Just don't like it. However, this isn't stopping me from going to the movies dressed as Speed himself with a small group of friends and a few parrents. :nice:

    Iron man, yeah, I saw him smoosh on the Cobra and sat staring at the screen oddly. There were two other cars he could have landed on and it'd be fine, but he landed on the stereotypical blue and white Cobra. Blah. Just the opposite though, I think that they made the likeness of Stark look pretty good actor wise.

  16. Ummmm.......El Cheap-o, i think you've just been :owned:
  17. I dunno, Dan, that's a lot of weight - almost like an '01 Bullitt. :stick:
    Maybe one of those 72 Cat-verts with a 351HO in it; maybe add a 3.7? chunk in back.....
    Hey, 'verts weigh a tiny bit more than HT's. And a 73 isn't that far from a 72 - at least not in the "more redneck" parts of Arizona.

    Hmmmmmmmmm....... :rolleyes: :D

    Nah......... I'd save that for the Dynacorn '67 "*****-Stang"; which isn't going to come to fruition until I get that whole "Knock off a bank in the Caymans and get away with it" scheme figured out.
  18. Hey Dan,

    You may have a new toy to play with but I just got a spiffy keychain from my new friends.:p


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  19. Well, If Cobrask8 had a key.......