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  1. Whats up all, Im Matt and I have an 86 Gt 5speed that i just picked up for 800 bucks. All it needed was a fuel pump and she runs like a champ now!!! SO for mods all it has now is longtubes and the walbro 255. Ulitmately I am looking to do a turbo setup on it (which I alread have the parts for) but I would like to play with it n/a a little first. I am gonna do some searching to see what people are doing on a lower budget. SO for now I think I am gonna go with a better gripping clutch, 3.55 gear, Ecam, and some ported gt40 heads with possibly bigger valves and a cobra intake I got layin around. Maybe get high 12's out of it??? I dont know I guess I will search around. Thats my intro.

  2. welcome to stangnet......get some pics up!
  3. awesome i just picked my 86 gt up about 3 weeks ago...this is my first mustang and i love it. instead of the 3.55 i think you should go with 4.10's like I have they feel like you have so much torque.

    The first thing you should do is put on subframe connectors, those will be your best friends.(my friend made the mistake of not puttin those on and twisted his chassis and broke off 3 of his 4 torque boxes)

    anyways im new here too, any info let me know.

  4. Wlecome alll!!!!! I will soon be picking up another mustang, hopefully during spring break, next week and i am looking at a few 4 eyes.
  5. Welcome to Stangnet, I am going to poke your fcuing eyeballs out.

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  7. Stick with the 3:55's 4:10s are 2 much for a daily driver on the HWY
  8. 4:10's with a turbo setup would be way to low gearing I would think.
  9. well thats why I definately wanted to stick with the 3.55's cause after I have a little fun with the ported gt40's, cobra intake, and ecam I definately want to do the turbo setup I have lyin around.
  10. can you even run an e-cam in the 86? Doesnt that have the flat top pistons and minimal valve to piston clearance?

    BTW Welcome to the Mustang World! :SNSign:
  11. Bless tha 4 eyes I'm a former owner...:SNSign:

    So how's your mom and them doin'?
  12. :stupid: I do believe Daggar is running an E cam with TFTW heads though, on the stock pistons... I wouldn't recommend it, because there are no relieves in the pistons, so piston to valve clearance is very tight even from the factory!

    And Welcome to :SNSign:
  13. Pistons would need to be notched but likely if your going according to you list, you might be best to start with rebuild on the short block and upgrading the pistons while your in there.