Almost 11 years.....

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  1. That I have been on the forum! :hail2:
  2. Now if you really want to relive the glory days, you need to dig up something where GBM blows something up!:D
  3. Who can forget the word-wars betweek Pak and the Hopkinator?
  4. Or SuperDave and The Weep Hole.
  5. GBM being sent to the corner (which morphed into The Closet) for thread-jacking!:banana:
  6. Or you being locked in there with him by Chelle:nice:
  7. And thanx to StDr for digging the Closet's drainage trench that became the gutter!
  8. Which on occasion, allowed the little Christmas Cookie to escape.
  9. Speaking of escapes......has anyone seen or heard from the little half-baked cookie boy???
  10. Have you checked your big toe lately?:rlaugh:
  11. Yup. No fungus.
  12. Any other notables?
  13. Trying to remeber the peanut......

    OBTW in case nobody noticed; 'Chelle's little boy turned 1 year old in the last few days.
  14. I noticed and his Uncle BBFCM wished him a Happy are we getting ___!!!
  15. I see 'Chelles FB pics all the time too!

    Remember the Hopkinator and all his boasting?
  16. I think that was his name, from the Carolinas, built an elenwh*re. Always boasting and fighting with Pak.

    (But, I did win aSuperbowl bet, and he sent me a Mustang, 1/24 scale)
  17. :nonono: I knew who you were talking about....I've been trying to build a mental block around him!:doh:
  18. Its been awhile.
  19. Hey, HM.... howzitgoin' with the old Effie on the Gran Marquis frame?

    Been hangin' out on the bumpside forum at FTE.... 15 y.o. son's looking at filing (Okay, I'll be filing) for an abandoned title on a '72 F100. Got a bit to do.... 360's been sitting for about 5 years with no operation; probably needs every gasket known to God, man and Henry Ford, plus valve stem seals. He wants this one because of the T-19 trans - he figures that it will be better if he learns a clutch.
    Will have to hunt for your build thread.... if I show up "over there"; you'll know I found you.