Almost 11 years.....

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  1. Hey Dan, not only do I remember this like it was yesterday but what would you say if I told you that apparantly I have been banned from Stangnet sometime after my last post in November in Andy's thread until just this past Sunday and the reason as it finally turns out was from my war with Hopkinator over 8 years ago!!!!!!!!

    BTW, this summer makes 12 years for me. :p
  2. Didnt see this reply.

    The project was moth balled until the rain stops. I am not afraid to admit that I am a fair weather wrencher.
    Its been warming up lately, although its sunny when I work, snowing when I am off. :doh:

    Should hopefully wrap the project up this summer.
  3. Hey pak!

    Wow, that long? Or did they forget about you?
  4. I've been off elsewhere...bought a new house...sold Eleanor (and the new owner repainted her red...then sold her again), now we're selling the Boss...popped in cuz I just did the ebay listing for it and it's making me bummed...worse than Eleanor. Prolly cuz ole Ellie was such a B* all the time, lol. Least we'll still have the greeen one, and our ol ford f-150 to make me smile!
  5. Now it's almost 12 years.:confused:
  6. Hit the 11 year mark in October!!! Don't spend as much time on here as I used to, busy with work, family (Robin and two of her boys) and life in general......Find myself trolling on FB too..........
  7. 14 years next summer... mostly lurking!
  8. Wow, it has been over 11 years now!